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  1. good news... seems I hadn't killed my super grafx.. i did however move two pins on the chip. the problem all along was the rgb-cable which wasn't entirely plugged in at the other end... sloppy of me other news is I bought a 16x1 alibaba hdmi switch 4:4:4 4k rgb hdr. Works great with PS4 Pro and all other gear. N64 hdmi, ossc, retrotink2x, gba consolizer, super nt, etc. will make short video on this soonish. Will attempt to solder back the pins of the ext port...
  2. Well I am a master of destroying expensive video game gear I have destroyed 2 sharp twin famicoms when trying to install nesrgb (desoldering the ppu is shit). I have destroyed OSSC when trying to add audio mod (solder kept spreading between all the pins and I couldn't get it to "evenly" spread so they weren't connecting). I'm pretty sure the cause is me using the wrong tools for everyhing. I didn't have a desoldering gun when I tried to install NESRGB. I didn't use flux when trying to install ossc audio mod. For the SuperGrafX mod I didn't use proper wires, I just took what I had and they were way too thick I have bought another SuperGrafX now, and this time I'll let a guy do the installation. He's going to be pissed with me. I'll also send him the one I broke to see if he can revive it somehow (doubtful). He's gonna install the PS1digital for me aswell. Someday maybe I'll learn to stay away from soldering or use the right stuff But this new PcE by Analogue is going to be amazing! I am already very happy with the Analogue NT Mini and am looking forwards to the NT Mini Noir. Sold my old NT Mini.
  3. Seems Uper GrafX dev just released new version of the software! News: ikaebi Changes: 20200204 → 20200912 --Changed color processing from RGB to YCbCr --Supports external color table --Fixed mantis bts # 24 (all), # 25 (part) --Since the process of reading the memory card when the software is started is threaded, the experience starts faster. --Supports writing of color table. --Use an open source ini file loader..ccd Supports reading of file. Translated tweet: "Announcement of the release of the new version. Internal data upergrafx_h3_20201013.pac has been released Communication software ikaebi_20200912.zip has been released" 3:21 AM · Oct 19, 2020 Software can be downloaded here: https://howtouse.upergrafx.com/?通信ソフト+-+内部データ更新+/+System+Data+Update+-+Communication Also Congratz on Counter Point and that other game... Me myself I still am missing Granzort and Battle Ace but I need money for other things.
  4. I'll be selling my UperGrafX now that the Analogue console is coming out. But I'll wait until I have it my hands. I prefer only keeping the most superior console if it can play every single title properly and correctly. Also I managed to kill my Super GrafX by soldering too thick wires onto the chip when I tried to make it compliant with the Uper GrafX... *shit* I think I heated against the chip for too long. So now all it outputs is pure white löl oh well. Good thing Analogue is coming out with this new console, then I won't need to fool around with all this complexity. But now I know, don't try to solder too thick wires!
  5. Wow very gorgeous shell! I took your suggestions to heart and added the functionality. UperGrafX Companion can now fire "UperGrafX control panel" directly. I took the CD Manipulator src code and rebuilt it with some additional changes (I need to contact the original creator and see if I can upload these code changes somewhere): * Support for auto-start/auto-quit via commandline, just start like: cdm.exe -driveindex 0 -o "somepathtofile.cdm" makes it autostart and rip from cd drive 0 and quit directly. * If cancel cd rip can notify other programs that user did a cancel. * The official source code didn't have the track 99 limit fix, so I think I fixed it in this version aswell, but I'm not sure. I haven't tested TBH. * There was memory leak when the program is stopped. I fixed this. * Can now convert .bin/.cue files to .cdm/.cue instead (thx to being able to fire CDManipulator directly from commandline). Requires Daemon Tools Lite on computer. * Can convert back n forth .pce files for J -> U or U -> J. Will look for AD00102940F0 (U) respectivly AD0010294080 (J). * Added an about section where I put some links and some minor info. https://github.com/Elrinth/UperGrafX-Companion Some more information regarding UperGrafX: As there are so few games > 512KiB maybe I can just try to focus buy these games original. I tried out the Super GrafX games using HDMI out of the UperGrafX. Indeed, the SGX games are very hard to play as enemies or you, yourself are invisible. In Makaimura you are invisible and some background objects like the Guilliotines (spelling?). In 1941 Counter-Attack all enemies are invisible, but you can still see their bullets. Sadly when you collide with enemy plane you also die so very very hard to play In Aldynes all enemies are invisible, but not their bullets. I absolutely wanna modify my SGX to fix the graphics, but I need to know exactly which pin to solder/cut or whatever. And also, do I also need to modify the UperGrafX? The current information on how to fix this is way too cryptic for retarded me. One more question, where did you find the fast-patch for the SSC 3.0?
  6. Hi! I'm new here. I recently got myself an UperGrafX (UGX-02). I heard there's a few users here with the UperGrafX here so I thought I'd join to discuss. At first glance I was super excited about hdmi and rom loading with it, but quickly learnt about many limitations. Once I got the information from "Emmett Turner" on youtube, things got easier. I also read a bit in this thread about for example the MMC (sd card) save system. It saddens me that max rom size is 512KiB and also that there seems to be issues with SGX games, that video signal isn't sent to the UperGrafX or something. I don't really understand what is actually not working with SGX. But someone said you could modify the SGX and then the video signal with SGX games should work. Any more info exactly on this? I made a program to fix pce files to work with UperGrafX (clear header information & region fix) and it can also convert .ccd cd image to .cdm. If you'd like to have it, I can provide link! Anyways I have some questions regarding super system card 3 .pce and playing cdm images. I got it working with SystemCard1 to boot RType but it asked for SystemCard3, when I use SystemCard3 it just says Running or Loading and nothing happens. Anyone feel this? Perhaps the .pce I have is bad? Or maybe the actual cd rip is bad? Oh and I forgot to mention I have had a SSD3 for a long time and it has worked great and I'm super happy with it. However I wanted true HDMI and UperGrafX seemed to provide this. However it seems to be much more sensitive to isos, roms etc than SSD3 which "just works" for all I have tested.
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