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  1. Thanks For The Information! I think this may work, I just have to get the wax before I can try it. How is the fix that You did with this method holding out?
  2. So, I have 4 original cx10 heavy sixer joysticks, and all 4 of these things are pretty much MINT! I mean, everything works on all of them and cosmetically, they are about perfect! None of the yellow paint has worn away at all, and all 4 of them actually still have the metal Atari hex plates in tact! They look brand new!! The problem is, inside of the sticks, the plastic posts that the 4 screws anchor into (the female end), the threading inside the plastic is totally stripped on all 4 screw posts inside all 4 joysticks!! Apparently Somebody that doesn't even know how to use a damn screwdriver got into these beauties and butchered the hell out of the poor things!! Does anybody know a proper way to permanently fix these so I will be able to use them if I choose to, and I will still be able to open and close them in case they ever need to be serviced?? It's heartbreaking that these things actually look this good and they are not even usable!! Just Heartbreaking!!!!
  3. Best Electronics seems to be out of stock of this part! Does anyone know where else I can buy the right pots for a 5200 stick? I only need one!
  4. Best Electronics is all out of this part, and I have no clue where else to look! Can someone please help me out??
  5. Best electronics is all out of these pots, and I don't know where else to look!
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