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  1. Disable Config boot in web interface? Oh, you don't like the web interface 🙂 On the other hand I understand your point the Config boot should be controllable just with minimal effort, like pressing the button, etc. - but isn't it already (not sure, I am not owner yet)? In my post I described additional changes I did while working on PC port. They are not necessary for original FujiNet. As mentioned, without FN hardware, without buttons, the web interface is the way to control some configuration and maybe someone can find it interesting for original FN too
  2. (again, seems I lost the post before submitting) I need this functionality for my PC port of FujiNet too E.g. without Fuji HW, on PC version I have no button to rotate images... I need to add some CLI or TextUI or use existing WebUI. I have started with WebUI already. So far it is possible browse local SD and remote TNFS and download files. For some time I was struggling with serial port on macos, but now I am again working on "mount page" with options to select drive slot and mount mode to mount the image. If interested, I think this feature/hack can be ported back to fujinet-platformio. Jan
  3. I agree with the idea of simple Config tool and the file manager as a separate program. Currently provided copy feature bundled with Config tool is a good compromise until file manager will be written by some nice volunteer. For the file manager, set of SIO commands to watch/control the copy progress would be nice to have. This would allow to update progress bar, do background copy, etc. - just ideas for future, nothing to worry now Thanks for current copy feature Previously, I tried to copy some disk image from remote to local and the process was ... not very smooth. (seems I should improve TNFS in Linux port I started or to order real hardware :-)
  4. Yes, will be pleased to share my bits under FujiNet umbrella 🙂
  5. Very nice feature. So now "Fuji Commander" can be written to do a file management: 2 panels with copy / rename / delete etc. 🙂 Do you plan to provide some progress checking of (long) copy e.g. commands to create/start copy session, query status, abort session?
  6. Hi, @phigan I have no exp. with Raspberries but it should be possible to compile it for ARM based Linux. The dependencies are Linux kernel with serial port driver, glibc (not tested with other libc) and TCP/IP working on a host. Better to call it (Linux) port instead of build. FujiNet is ESP32 based and it relies on framework provided by PlatformIO (file system drivers, UART, timers, tasks, lwIP, HTTP server, ...). To get it running on Linux (and others) all these needs to be replaced by some functional equivalents. To you first question: lot of small changes ... work in progress. It's time to think about GitHub account 🙂 Changes since last post: access remote hosts/images via TNFS protocol (somehow) works, printer emulation added, web interface (http server) works Jan
  7. Good point about ICE T XE. Let's enjoy some colors in command line. Almost perfect dev. env.
  8. Modem emulation was ported. I never used modem with Atari before. I like it. @Thom nice to see telnet protocol and terminal emulation in action! Some fun with FujiNet emulated modem: Running Ice-T, enabling VT100 and telnet, connecting to the laptop Desktop Terminal sharing - Atari joined the screen session (GNU Screen) which is running on laptop. Coding in vim ... ... and building 🙂 Jan
  9. Thank you for nice feedback :) I like the idea of FujiNet library, but the path is quite long ... I am doing just small changes to the original code to compile that and run it on Linux (and hopefully others too, later). For the library, more design changes would be necessary. It's next level
  10. OK, I did first step. Some sources updated to compile and run on Linux. It's minimum functionality (SD/local host, disk emulation with ATR and XEX), but it seems it can work Fujinet "port" started on old notebook connected via serial port with Atari FujiNet Config boot Firts time start and fake WiFi presented to Atari (networking is configured on OS/Linux) SD (directory on Linux) added to hosts and some disk drive mounted Booting up XEX from notebook Config screen without real Fujinet hardware I need to fix the Atari (keyboard is dying on my XL). Then I am looking forward to port/play with NET part of FujiNET! Jan
  11. Yes, it would be nice and it should be possible ... 🙂
  12. No sure, I can do it myself. Let's check the code and I will see FujiNet is very nice project or better, multiple projects to make all those pieces (hardware, software for it, software for Atari, TNFS, ...) working together. Thanks for the effort, time, ideas and sharing all that with us! Jan
  13. Sorry for the heretical question. The FujiNet software, the part which is run on the hardware module, how difficult it can be to compile it (port?) and run it on PC? I believe, for SIO2PC (+RespeQt) users it would be interesting alternative. Maybe as a standalone headless "service" (full port) or just new N: device functionality added to RespeQt. What do you think?
  14. Just would like to say "Hello!" to this great community. I am glad I joined recently. My little setup: 130XE, 800XL upgraded to 256kB back in 90s, XC12, some joy ... long time closed in a box (yellow, some parts not working anymore), but on my desk again! 🙂
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