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  1. Karateka would be an awesome addition to the Intellivision’s game library!
  2. Hi, I’m Yannick. The new v2.0 boards production is finished and will be shipped to Console5 after final inspection is done. There will be certainly some time needed for them to gather the other parts (cables and connectors) before they will have them available for purchase.
  3. An idea of how the final product might be looking like:
  4. Small updates, I had to review my design to cope with all possible screen modes and pixel transitions the Apple II can output. I need to do some compromises, trying to keep everything simple enough. but I think the results are quite good:
  5. Work is on going, at a pretty slow pace. I’m working on enemy AI at the moment, some of the truck damages are managed now, I still need to add opponents gun shots and mine deposit. In original game (look for Asphalt on Amstrad CPC) there are also enemies climbing on your truck, I haven’t thought on how to do this. I’m running out of sprites and have to think about transferring more to soft sprites. In the current prototype, only the truck colors are soft sprites, the black is done with 3 MOBs, and a 4th one is used for the firing tower and the flames (multiplexed). Each opponent is using 2 MOBs, the color one is multiplexed with flames. Finally the road edges and the dropped mines are done with soft sprites. I find the use of a single color MOB for an object quite limiting. I need to process the video before uploading so that it appears at 60fps and not 30, currently you can’t see the multiplexed MOBs (only one of them is displayed)
  6. Yes we are discussing. It’s not yet fully settled and I have too much things on going at the moment. It should be better in September / October time frame. Best regards, Yannick
  7. I didn’t feel offended at all. There are only few of my cards outside of France and even fewer outside of Europe. The initial goal was to propose a solution for French SECAM units that had a reputation of not being modabble. I found 2 totally different SECAM versions and the mod I did for the second one works also on PAL and NTSC versions.
  8. There’s no competition here, just 2 projects that developed at the same time. The philosophy behind them are quite different, mine being to have something simple and using only of the shelf components without any programmed CPLDs or equivalent. This has its drawbacks with less flexibility and functionality. We’ve also shared information do that our product can be improved, without the_crayon_king inputs and —crosbow— push I’d certainly never had it working with ossc wich is not do common here in France as we have SCART inputs on all televisions that are more than one or two years old (it was mandatory till then).
  9. I got some success with my diy rgb adapter! Colors must be adjusted and transition to/from white shall be improved (how?)
  10. Looking around it seems that you need this head board for the PI Zero : https://github.com/hoglet67/RGBtoHDMI/wiki/Bill-of-Materials-(12-Bit-Board) However there seem to be no pre-build boards available to purchase anywhere. I'd like to get one, but building it is not very cost effective for one board. Is there anyone offering this?
  11. Nice to see a report about this solution working on an apple 2c. It would be very nice if you could explain what you bought/built and how you configured it.
  12. Hi All, Looking into possibilities to get colour out from my Apple IIc PAL, I found out that there are only few options: 1. A2M4023 "PAL Modulator/Adapter" : Almost impossible to find today, sells at high price when available 2. Le Chat Mauve RGB adapter : Even more difficult to get and more expensive 3. Video 7 adapter : Not much information, might not even work on PAL Apple IIc's, and haven't found a single one for sale in months 5. PI RGB to HDMI : https://github.com/hoglet67/RGBtoHDMI/wiki , seems to be working but I haven't seen an feedback / guide on how to set it up for an Apple IIc 4. A2Heaven : Apple IIc VGA adaptor ( http://www.a2heaven.com/webshop/index.php?rt=product/product&product_id=135 ), seems out of stock and a bit on the high price tag level Does anyone has any feedback on these solutions? Is there any other solution available, I'm looking especially at DIY solutions as I like to work on this kind of stuffs. I'm developping my own DIY solution but I'm struggling with it and would like to compare with other solutions and experience from others. I will certainly try the PI RGB to HDMI solution in the future, and I'm especially eager to have some inputs on how to get started with this, what to buy/build to have ot working on an Apple 2c. Best regards
  13. Half success! Left : expectation, right : actual output Sync was really one of the issue, but there are further ones creating heavy banding in luminance signal and preventing some transitions to occur correctly.
  14. Short answer, this circuit doesn’t work BUT it is almost. Apparently only sync signal superposition is not working. I will try to correct this and post a schematic if I succeed.
  15. And what is this one? http://knox.ac.free.fr/index.php/pc/aytracker it says it’s being developed for the Intellivision!
  16. I'm not attached to any specific tool. I'm mainly looking in a easy to put in place and as automated as possible workflow to generate Intellivsion Music Tracker files from a user firendly editor.
  17. Hi, I'm looking to integrate music into some Intybasic games I'm creating and was wondering if there is a way to create tracks using "Arkos Tracker 2" : https://www.julien-nevo.com/arkostracker/ And then save them into a format that can converted to be used by the Intellivision Music Tracker library? May be there are other tools / tracker available for this?
  18. Did anyone try the schematic available here : https://kaput.retroarchive.org/appleii/ ? I’d like to give it a try but would like a report before.
  19. I've cleaned up the pins and the socket and re-socketed the ROM several times without success. The new one worked at first start.
  20. Some good news (at least for me 😁). I’ve received some disks and an eeprom with ROM v4 on it. First tested the disks and the games booted and ran fine… Basic was still not ok, but after ROM replacement it was all fine. The now working self test showed no error. So I have certainly a ROM that starts to fail and some part of basic is corrupted. It might help someone in future having similar symptoms.
  21. The simple solution I've implemented was drafted based on the measurements and observation from @the_crayon_king but I've simplified it a lot based on the previous observations and tests I did. It simply implements SYNC as being NOT((V1 OR V4) AND V5) instead of NOT(V1 AND V5). The fix with additional diodes is performing (V1 OR V4) so that we can re-use previously produced boards. The final fix is implementing the full equation within one 4xNAND chip. Here is a link to the EasyEDA project : https://easyeda.com/yannick.erb/Intellivision-Secam-RH-RGB-Mod_copy_copy This is the French version of the board that is bigger in order to fit at the location planned for the power supply board that is not present in some french versions of the Intellivision.
  22. Yes these chips are just rebranded by Apple. I’ll start my de soldering job soon and will have a closer look at the chips.
  23. I’ll have to check further but the chips have the apple logo on them
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