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  1. Shipped today, I must say I'm very impressed, shipping label was created and the packages are already in possession of the USPS. Very impressed by the shipping speed!
  2. Alectmc

    2600 Jr problem

    Is this issue happening with all of your games?
  3. update, ordered Baby Pac-Man tonight as well. I’ve actually played the arcade cabinet pinball hybrid at a retro arcade near me, really like the game so i had to pick this one up!
  4. Alectmc

    2600 Jr problem

    Best of luck! I recommend rubbing alcohol!
  5. Mario Bros. has an excellent presentation on the 7800, i know i love my cartridge of it!
  6. Check on eBay for this one, Ballblazer, IMO, is an underrated game. I have easily put most of my time on my 7800 playing Ballblazer, very good game and it has a POKEY chip which makes the sound effects and music awesome!
  7. This is my first batch of orders from AA, but from what I've seen, it's worth the wait and what you get is of the highest possible quality! Bonus points for the box upgrades!
  8. I agree. Mappy, which I played a TON as a kid on old Plug n Play's, is represented EXCELLENTLY by Champ Games, really looking forward to plugging that cartridge into my Atari! As for Pac-Man, who doesn't love it? Seemed like a must-have homebrew for my 7800.
  9. Mappy for the 2600, Pac-Man Collection for the 7800, K.C. Munchkin for the 7800, and an AtariVox+!
  10. Hi everyone! I ordered some homebrews and am VERY excited to start playing them. Out of curiosity, what is the wait time typically around this time? I understand these are ALL made-to-order and am not rushing at all! Just curious as to when to expect them to ship!
  11. Alectmc

    2600 Jr problem

    Looks like it may be having trouble reading games, try cleaning out the cartridge slot as well as the games and see if it improves any
  12. I see, guess that’s what can happen to 35+ year old technology! Still awesome that homebrews are still released for Atari’s
  13. Hi everyone! I'm a little new to the AtariAge forums. I recently purchased Pac-Man Collection for the 7800 and am excited to get my hands on it, but I had a question. What happened to the POKEY homebrews which required you to send in a POKEY chip to be made? I understand not having POKEY homebrews with the POKEY chip already installed when you purchase it, but why the removal of the cartridges where you supply the POKEY to be installed? I'd love to get a copy of Pac-Man Collection with a POKEY that I can supply if/when they ever return!
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