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  1. Take it with patience, Publish updated list for each machine, week by week, Atari ST/E stuff can be interested for me, as well some other machine stuff
  2. Hopefully Ebay sends to me a refund for the "empty envelope" today, -------------------------------------------------------------- An update with the tested micro SD card brands and types: -Micro SD cards that work ok: Sandisk 1 GB Kingston 8 GB class 4 Kingston 4 GB class 4 Intenso 8 GB class 4 Intenso 16 GB class 6 Intenso 4 GB class 10 Intenso 8 GB class 10 Kingston 16 GB class 10 Sandisk 16 GB class 6 Toshiba 16 GB Class 10 UHS-1 (tested by Real Larry (AF) ) Mitos 4 GB Class 10 (https://de.aliexpress.com/item/1005002096781542.html, tested by Real Larry (AF) ) -Micro SD cards that do not work: Cloudisk 512 MB No brand 4 GB MediaRange 8 GB class 10 Sandisk 32 GB class 10 UHS-1 -Tested power sources that work ok: Old Ipod 5V 1A (from the times when a hard disk is placed inside Ipod) Farnell USB power source 5V 2A Original Raspberry Pi 2/3 5.1V 2.5A power source (Tested by Real Larry)
  3. I have bad news... today I received a package that supposedly have 20x STM32 controller boards, but the weight is suspicious: only 9 grams. 20 controller boards can´t weight as little as 9 grams, about 100 - 120 grams is normal for 20 units... The envelope is empty!!!! with a piece of paper that says: Thanks WHAT the f****? "Thanks for give my money to you for nothing? (The name of the ebay seller is Horizon, as well Alice-module is the same!) I claim it inmediately; as well I claimed the previous 30x STM32 package that never arrived There is another 20x units package on travel, from a different seller... I hope this will be a legit seller, This situation causes a severe delay on manufacturing queue Sorry
  4. Greetings companions, I am searching for a reliable Atari STE equipped with Good DMA chip and updated to 4 MB RAM (if possible). This machine is intended to be used by my graphical artist mate (we are developing new games that use AGT game engine), such the Metal Slug port, but completely new games with new graphics, new musics, polished gameplay... Destination country is Spain; we are searching for a decent price; we are aware that these sort of machines are not bargains, but obviously speculative or extremely expensive prices can´t be taken into account, Thanks in advance mates, Best, Masteries
  5. masteries


    Awesome! The engine appears to be pretty mature; And the sound engine? How many mixing voices? Is there support for compressed audio formats? Be prepared for many questions; I downloaded the Jag Studio package
  6. masteries


    16x 4 bits palettes... much better than MegaDrive (4x 4 bits palettes)
  7. I discovered that the STM32 can lost some hard disk (ACSI) commands, fixed currently; but fixing other defects, Bad Apple demo can be played as many times you want, as well We Were. Also, the ACSI2STM responds now to pure ACSI Hardware commands. -Added features broken another ones; currently integrating required functionality that are not supported yet by Arduino library; a manual library integration...
  8. masteries


    Thanks for your quick response, hmmm... 4 bits based graphics... can these graphics be used on an 8 / 16 bits colour depth? I mean, use a general palette of 8 bits, or 16 bits (equal to infinite colours for pixel art, and no worry about general palette); but use different 4 bits based palette per sprite (to reduce total size, and load tons of graphics). Similar to NeoGeo, where each sprite usually has its own single 16 colour palette. On this way; I can manage to load a high detailed game such Metal Slug port into the 2 MB RAM size of Jaguar ;) A 6 MB cartridge can be enough, if scenarios are based on 16 colour palettes... the same trick as for MegaDrive, where you can split a map in two parts, and use two palettes. If the response to these questions is satisfactory... you shall view me around Jaguar soon!
  9. masteries


    Great game engine tool! Is this C capable game engine for Atari Jaguar suitable for port the Atari STE Metal Slug port? xD Port of a port... Can Atari Jaguar support 8 bit graphics? Are preshifting sprites needed such on the STE? If I can drop preshifting, 2 MB can be enough. What are the typical storage device? Cartridge or CD? Thanks,
  10. New firmware that solves hard disk writing problems on my STE, probably useful for many other ST computers: On the video, a game is executed from hard disk; a savestate of the game is created, followed by a copy of this savestate, and finally load this savestate copy and resuming the game.
  11. Blitter could be used for sprites rendering, as well compiled sprites will bring more benefits for STE Otherwise, its an excellent work that a normal ST can run it at a decent framerate.
  12. Tomorrow, I shall post an official update procedure .pdf, including the needed minimal easy to use software, and the .bin update file, and how to connect the jumpers and wires. A new video of correct hard disk operation with the new firmware will be welcome too!
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