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  1. Thanks Moderator Tempest. Goodbye. Close the thread, close my AA Account You were warned
  2. Thank you. I have nothing to work out. I bought something where as YOU have no right to it. Simple as that. And if you are not dealt with by Admin then I am gone and so is the rom. There is your ultimatum. We are finished with this conversation.
  3. I had a contest that you buy a game with a certificate entry form. So instead of close to 5 Grand it would have been more like around $50 to offset costs. ANYONE could have won it then released or did whatever they wanted but Swami decided he was going to spoil things so I shelved the contest then some guy named Lawdawg710 literally went nuts. Once again... I bought it, it's mine and I am entitled to do whatever I want with it. Where does everyone get off claiming they have rights to this. I could have kept it quiet but I dropped little hints to have faith ect... then the contest but somehow you have me getting the idea that I am not welcome here. if I not welcome here me and Mr. He-Man will be walking away where as I will give away and/or sell my games elsewhere. Then you can ask Swami and Lawdawg710 why you have to wait another 30 years to see that game. Somehow I think they will still blame me.
  4. I guess the castle above and the contest that Swami motivated me to cancel where anyone could win the prototype was a dick move. Nice...
  5. You keep "JUST SAYING" and trying to have my work banned. Here is the deal. I did not foil anything. Someone bid, mine was higher. Whomever I was bidding against obviously did not want it bad enough. That is how it works, that is life. I was trying to be nice and resolve the situation but you continuously attack me and trying to screw with my starting business so I reported you to higher up. Whether anything happens we will see but I am done with you.
  6. I don't know if it is just me but I can not get any sound to come out unless I run this with Admin privileges. Using Windows 10 x64
  7. The contest may still run, do not lose faith. If you want updates with some sneak peek pics of the Return to Cloudy Mountain I opened a thread that may change in the future. Take a look
  8. Welcome to Jurassic, er...em....Return to Cloudy Mountain...
  9. Home Map is complete (now with purple mountains) Blue Mountains (boat)(armor) Red Mountain (axe)(shield, who knows they, may decide to shoot back now) Grey Mountains (provisions)(food)(bolts) Purple Mountains (magical items)(freeze potion)(Holy grenade of antioch?)(stun, wound, kill depending on level) Single Gold Mountain in each area contains a key for the North, South, East and West regions. Each Area has a main quest mountain to find treasure. Once all treasures are found you must quest to the final mountain. Location to be determined. So, instead of 9 maps it will be 6 but with the extra space I can focus on dungeon exploring. Several floors per mountain depending on color. New enemies. I like Skeletons don't you? Spiders, yea they were there...but they grew up since the 80's Traps, I don't know....Just mind what you do with a Pick Axe.
  10. 1st Screen shot of where we left off back in 1982.... Generated for the Colecovision tested in CoolCV But, can you claim your prize or is this just the beginning? E.mul T.wo
  11. If I made a video it would take away from the mystery. It looks and plays similar to the Intellivision but with improved graphics as you see by the Castle. The Castle interior is different and I would rather have the Intellivision music because of the synthesizer effects. Controls are the same. Level select is press the keypad. My experience is 1 was easy and other keys were harder. Very well programmed hat's off. Most everything seems to be programed with moving patterns and not sprites but I may be wrong. This is a technique I wish was better covered in the community because the Colecovsion has the power, it is legitimate programing but for some reason everyone keeps depending on sprites. Have fun finding working code examples of moving tiles in Z80 on the Colecovision because I have looked. Could be polished but 100% working from my playing for about an hour.
  12. I changed my mind. That is allowed in the United States I still do not know what your point is or what you think you are going to accomplish with these attacks. Have a nice day.
  13. Classic Running Man or someone new? Decided that the old scrolling was outdated. Although it would be nostalgic it was limited. My other mapping system can parse over 1024 rooms each Dungeon and limited to the space on a 32k Cartridge. A bit much but that is the capability. You can also drop objects anywhere in those rooms and they will remain there to be picked up later. So the idea is a Tarmin style system where you ladder down into layers of the mountain, do what you gotta do then Ladder back out to continue through the 9 screen map. Collect Armor along the way, a bit of magic, weapons. I would like to think that you would have to visit each region in order to collect a specific piece of a Weapon/Armor/Magic to defeat the main quest? I promise no maze of twisty passages, all alike. Or will there be...
  14. I have no plans to put this in a box or sell it in cartridge form.
  15. No one told me.... I do not know anyone at Collectorvision, I have no reason to belittle anyone and are probably great guys. Hope to merge up some business or just be buds. That said, the highest bidder won so they must not wanted it bad enough. Like I mentioned earlier nothing is set in stone. I am on a path right now but that can change at any moment which is life. Collectorvision could ultimately end up with it or someone else. Life does not begin or end with the He-Man rom. Have some patience. You waited 35 years, a couple of months more won't hurt you.
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