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  1. just once i want to join a discord without racism in the general chat or anywhere else. Is that so hard? to have a non racist, non lets-attack-the-new-guy-for-his-beliefs type server?


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    2. LostRanger22


      they have a discord? ok thanks

    3. CPUWIZ


      Look above the status updates.

    4. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      Definition of discord: lack of agreement or harmony (as between persons, things, or ideas).

  2. I can't understand the wisdom in it, i just can't. Did they not use the TS1000 to get a feel for how bad a design decision that was? Why didn't they just offer the 800 right away, then move on to the XL/XE series? What was the point of the 400? I get for games but for programming? I'll take the vastly inferior Vic 20 any day
  3. Installed, Vietcong (with vietcong 2) and also found an Atari XLF on ebay for $250. Can somebody tell me it's rarity? 

  4. just noticed a reply to my status update was removed.


    1. Albert


      Please don't post religious or political status updates (or posts, images, etc.)  Thank you.

  5. was all set to play Warzone and it failed to add my phone number. I live in the U.S so you can imagine my frustration. There are three options: America's, Europe and Asia. No individual countries, nothing. So i can say this with absolute certainty because it's the gods honest truth: Battle.net can burn in Hell

  6. What are your thoughts on THE C64? Is it any better than the ZX Spectrum Next and why? I am open to both viewpoints. 





    *Saving and Loading


    Nothing else comes to mind

  7. One question: What did the biscuits do to deserve punishment in hell? Is there a biscuit Jesus?
  8. Are there any alternative to 8bitworkshop? I keep getting Mnemonic errors for Every Single System! It is beyond disheartening because i really do want to learn but it's impossible due to this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It doesn't recognize 6502, it doesn't recognize C or C++ and its making me want to throw my $800 pc in the garbage 

  9. The animated Pirates Band of Misfits film on netflix is supposedly meant for kids BUT, there's many adult things in it. I was shocked to be honest that we can be so blind to what we show our kids. I'm not a  Strict traditionalist but i'm also not an advocate of guns, references to blood, sexually suggestive material and other crap being shown to kids. Maybe move the rating more towards PG-13. It has more in common with Robot Chicken then it does with Wallace and Gromit.


    Truly appalled that they allowed it on Netflix and tried to slap "family movies" on it. Now i'm a hypocritical bastard and i admit it but for heavens sake, some films are meant to be edited into oblivion

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    2. OldSchoolRetroGamer


      Edited? no, properly classified? Definitely. 

    3. LostRanger22
    4. LostRanger22


      Just because something is successful in the UK does not make it acceptable in the US. Cuties for example...Even though my mother will metaphorically kill me for mentioning it. I do not understand why France is so...Ok with it. Disturbs me to be honest

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