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  1. Quick question, so I'm going to buy a gotek, but what else do I need with that? A ribbon cable?
  2. By the way, if I get a gotec drive and my 5.25 drive can still read, is there a way I can copy my software from my 5.25 discs over to the gotek?
  3. One other strange detail about this is that I have tried to save files to a number of different disks and it has ruined the data on the disks. They will not catalog or read anymore because apparently the data is corrupted. just wondering if there is an attempt being made for the drive head to write, but somehow the magnetic "pulses" are not organized correctly and they're wrecking the data?? I've tried formatting as well but it tells me there's a disc error.
  4. Hmmm. the internals of the drive look super clean and barely used, but I'm going to take a closer look at what you're talking about and see if I can figure something out.
  5. I'm pretty new to this TI computing stuff. So you're saying that there are other compatible disk drives that I could attach as a secondary drive?
  6. My new disc controller solved the problem of the drive turning on and off. It reads fine, but it will not write, which was also a problem before I installed the new controller. Anybody have any thoughts on why that would be?
  7. So I got my new floppy controller and that solved the problem of the drive not reading. The drive was also continuously turning on and off and that stopped that issue as well. My issue now is that I cannot write to a disk. I can't format and I can't save anything to discs. has anybody ever had a problem where their floppy drive would read but not right?
  8. Well, after messing around a lot, I'm thinking it's either that I have a failing floppy controller card or a power supply issue, or both I suppose. The PEB I have is in really good condition. Everything looks super clean including the internals of the floppy drive. I can tell this thing has not been used much. My most recent attempt at fixing this was to order a different floppy controller card as it seems as though the symptoms could relate to that being bad. It's still being shipped to me now, but I'll drop a note in here as to whether it fixes the problem or not. As a kid, I had a TI and a tape drive, but I'm new to the peb. I'm definitely learning as I go! Thanks for the thoughts.
  9. I'm not sure what you mean by op. I tried ordering another 32k card because I thought that maybe that was the problem since removing the 32k card stopped the drive from turning on and off. The new 32k card did not help. The floppy drive is also having some issues reading and writing. It won't write at all, but it does read most of the time. I've tried cleaning the head and lubing the rails, etc. Nothing seems to help. My most recent idea was to order a new floppy controller card and that is being shipped to me right now. I'll let you know what happens after that. Thank you.
  10. Yep, it works fine that way. I even tried another computer and has the same symptoms.
  11. Well, after much restraint, I've decided not to shoot you. Actually, those are some very good thoughts. When I removed the 32k card out of the peb, the drive at least did not turn on and off. the drive is also having other problems reading and it doesn't write. I thought it was a bad 32k card and so I ordered another but that did not solve the problem. Right now, there is another floppy controller card being shipped to me and I am fairly convinced that that may be the problem. If not, it's probably the power supply because honestly the floppy drive looks super clean. Anyway, thanks for the thoughts.
  12. I guess that's possible, I tried ordering a new 32k card but that did not solve the problem. now I have another floppy controller card on order from eBay and I'm going to see if that solves the problem.
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