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  1. Went through more of my collection and here's the stuff, best offers and free shipping in the US. Can ship international but shipping not included. Edited for sold items. Gamestop Video Game Accessory Review https://imgur.com/M0BdnwU Xbox Demo V 2.1 1.3 Games Footage V2 https://imgur.com/JsTsNZ9 SNES Super Ninja Boy https://imgur.com/d7LWq5n Commodore 128 Diagnostic Cart https://imgur.com/7eHPCuH Atari Jaguar Native Demo + Songbird CGE 5th 3/60 https://imgur.com/uXCNf6L Intellivision MTE 201 Test Cart https://imgur.com/w5202nu PS2 demo disc lot: XGRA, Revolt 2, Dakar, Red Star, All Star Baseball 2002 + ??? CD https://imgur.com/dR7VV7i PSY-Q Dev System SCSI https://imgur.com/kSmeuRt https://imgur.com/shY9mE1 Atari Lynx Demos- Road Riot, Marlboro Man, Dragnet, Daemon's Gate https://imgur.com/yI705Y9 Atari Lynx Diagnostic Cart https://imgur.com/pcyKhxl Dreamcast Preview/Demo Discs- Quake 3, Ready 2 Rumble Boxing, Sega Worldwide Soccer 2000, Ecco the Dolphin https://imgur.com/sJ9Pg6D Dolphin USB Adapter GCP-2000 https://imgur.com/CZkVN8A https://imgur.com/OTPSGyf N64 Partner Dev Discs, Sound Tools, Niff Editor, Dev Patch https://imgur.com/N17NoHM https://imgur.com/glWsXS1 Nintendo Gamecube Character Pipeline SDK https://imgur.com/01DnaTd Sega Saturn Graphic and Sound Tools MAC https://imgur.com/ARCIAmG Musy X Software Dev Kit for Dolphin https://imgur.com/sUWAPsi Lot of 6 TI Demo Floppies https://imgur.com/oGUWzDc N64 JM Supercross 2000, N64 Armorines, Jordan Adventure SNES https://imgur.com/mwEjTzk https://imgur.com/Y50ePaR Burncycle CDI Preview CDs + Game https://imgur.com/IqEQ8Jo Lot of 8 Atari Chips- Katapult, Space Monster, Auto Race, ??? see pics for the rest https://imgur.com/Tk1kOCi https://imgur.com/XNPYE5N https://imgur.com/4qQcAIM https://imgur.com/nmsCzPW https://imgur.com/1JJ135F https://imgur.com/H0CswpD Homebrew Set- QB Philly Classic 32 etc https://imgur.com/ZZl4tMW Nintendo Gameboy QA Cart https://imgur.com/pOs5zYg https://imgur.com/WIIRkuN
  2. Hey guys, I know I'm new here but I was active 10+ years ago on DigitPress and Ebay, been a long hiatus but finally moving on from my stuff as they "don't bring me joy". Here is my feedback from DP back then: https://forum.digitpress.com/forum/showthread.php?68794-Tbowl&highlight=tbowl The ProDG didn't excite you guys but maybe this is more up the alley: Atari 2600 Test Console with shipping box, literally brand spanking new. The box was completely sealed and I figured it was the test console but I had to open it up just to make sure: https://imgur.com/g6UipKD https://imgur.com/RgEj9vO https://imgur.com/rOFXHdB https://imgur.com/UlAVV1M https://imgur.com/DRodE9d https://imgur.com/oFoWo7h https://imgur.com/8SwHUqP https://imgur.com/2GCmwqt https://imgur.com/zMersNv https://imgur.com/0meixvV
  3. Bump up, taking best offers for the rest of the items. Can do Paypal or Venmo, and please no Paypal G&S, them fees hurt!
  4. I'm not sure, I bought it from a reputable guy on DP and never played it, but the buyer will certainly let you know!
  5. Hey guys, I know I'm new here but I was active 10+ years ago on DigitPress and Ebay, been a long hiatus but finally moving on from my stuff as they "don't bring me joy". Here is my feedback from DP back then: https://forum.digitpress.com/forum/showthread.php?68794-Tbowl&highlight=tbowl I am also on VGS and active on Ebay again, the same name, and I have trading feedback as well. Taking Best Offers for the rest of my items. They are all listed above without strikethroughs Protos, Demos, Carts SNES - Starwing Competition Cart *minty fresh*: https://imgur.com/a7JHKmN https://imgur.com/ItchnNI SNES Cacoma Knight PAL Proto https://imgur.com/tEaHTFZ https://imgur.com/IkjcOBH Colecovision Set of 8 (2x Donkey Kong, DK Jr., Pepper 2, Gorf, Venture, Space Panic, Zaxxon)- take it $40 shipped in US) https://imgur.com/HTE9Adm Atari Sport Goofy Proto https://imgur.com/IkTVdWq Atari Deflektor Dev Cart https://imgur.com/IvlDYho Atari SALT 2.05 https://imgur.com/wxnmpQs https://imgur.com/DIk9EvQ Atari J&J Tooth Protectors https://imgur.com/T6FReVI Atari Super Pac Proto https://imgur.com/dV725gM Atari Paddle Jitter Rev C https://imgur.com/nhzvGpK Atari Lynx Blue Lightning Demo https://imgur.com/5F9bs2P PA Switch Cart (not sure which system) https://imgur.com/cHu1WWC ZX Spectrum Beta Disk Interface Carts x2 https://imgur.com/3HxBaQ9 https://imgur.com/N1AFf4n ZX Spectrum - lot of 6 (3d Monster Maze, Mazogs, 3D defender, Autotrans, MF print, QS Defender, Gamepack)- take it $18 shipped in US- https://imgur.com/qE5gRJi Xbox360 Peter Moore J Allard Signed Memory Card https://imgur.com/vlupLeB https://imgur.com/hALrT2l Dev Kits, etc. Nokia NGage https://imgur.com/3fhhP56 https://imgur.com/xHLZJPp https://imgur.com/uET1eKh Texas Instruments 99/4 Peripheral Expansion System PHP1200 Control Data Dev Kit Expansion System ($240 shipped in the US- it's heavy) https://imgur.com/vrPolW2 https://imgur.com/M2sO3Ik https://imgur.com/rfdNvAQ https://imgur.com/vrjTkoK https://imgur.com/oMo9i7j https://imgur.com/EWR6rsE https://imgur.com/Vq5fzFg https://imgur.com/GCxFzII https://imgur.com/8wboaqN Video- https://imgur.com/iH8LqbA Playstation 2 Leatherman PST II Devcon2K CIB https://imgur.com/dDb2UHg https://imgur.com/6kqpbM4 Dina Console w 2 Joysticks and cords https://imgur.com/kGUEUdl Game Guide Lot of 9 Zelda Majoras Mask, Devil May Cry, GTA3, Twisted Metal Black, MGS2, Guild Wars, FFX, FF Anthology, Pokemon Emerald. All posters intact besides Majoras Mask https://imgur.com/Dn1Zotl Vintage Super Mario Bros switchplate sealed https://imgur.com/mRrN0XC https://imgur.com/7LXuhCV Safe Kids Campaign full card set (6 nintendo, 6 marvels, the rest) https://imgur.com/ThvI2oh Nintendo Gamecube October 2001 Demo Disc- https://imgur.com/uzgCzSA https://imgur.com/5TFmOSa 3 perfect Sealed Manuals- Atari 400/800 technical reference notes, Atari 130XE Reference Manual, De Re Atari A Guide all sealed + Atari Punch Card with film? https://imgur.com/MAhMe6J https://imgur.com/9ucFj5t https://imgur.com/409Bk6e https://imgur.com/254NHr1 Atari - Frog Pond Proto https://imgur.com/nt99K68 https://imgur.com/nh1kw6g Atari XE- Demo Cart https://imgur.com/WaCGuaj Atari Jr Pac Proto https://imgur.com/BRxC0oo Atari Chemical Bank Pronto Project https://imgur.com/DgYwqSQ Atari Malagai Chip https://imgur.com/CtZ4s0M Atari Gauntlet Chip https://imgur.com/CtZ4s0M Atari Dukes of Hazard Proto https://imgur.com/1QFE08C Atari Jaguar Flipout Proto https://imgur.com/TxFmWUm Atari 810 Diagnostic Cart https://imgur.com/xaUv844 https://imgur.com/c7KYc95 Axx-2023 Color Diagnostics Cart V2 https://imgur.com/XEL1Hhy TRS-80 - Katerpillar Attack https://imgur.com/D2M2kDK Odyssey 2 - Timelord Proto https://imgur.com/KRC1iHJ Odyssey 2 - Shark Hunter Proto (qty 2, # 30 # 69) https://imgur.com/yOVzBdS https://imgur.com/r0gro4g https://imgur.com/e40fMnT Odyssey 2- Robot Stad Proto https://imgur.com/sIgn0Fg Playstation Slap Happy Proto https://imgur.com/WRhYGVo Playstatino Deuce Proto https://imgur.com/afRCuZ8 Playstation Titan A.E. Demo Disc Sealed https://imgur.com/89xN5MM C64 Block Hopper https://imgur.com/GLlMG1T N64 OS/Library Dev CDs qty 2 https://imgur.com/VoPWmof NU64 Software https://imgur.com/eCYzHOd Gameboy Test Cartridge https://imgur.com/NeyIOxE https://imgur.com/RCKoben GBA SN Systems Cart https://imgur.com/tSBJO8E https://imgur.com/C7G2QBA Genesis- Lobo Proto https://imgur.com/zTlv7UQ Genesis- Fido Dido Proto https://imgur.com/lV196lz https://imgur.com/JCOMV1D Genesis- Chester Cheetah Wild Wild Quest Proto https://imgur.com/iNBD6gX Genesis- Dashin Desparados PAL Proto https://imgur.com/2wShmYN https://imgur.com/ifd9Sno Colecovision Destroyer Proto https://imgur.com/37q2q5t https://imgur.com/dUgOlaX Super Mario Bros 2 Tip Card Sticker full 33 set https://imgur.com/Vf6DuZl https://imgur.com/8zM7kWQ https://imgur.com/Rr8uB56 Homebrews (Charles Gray)- $10 each or $45 shipped in US for the whole set (10 in all) ET vs. HSW (2/1) , Conversion Cyplix (10/10), Cyplix Kepone's Revenge (15/15): https://imgur.com/QwpFRHi https://imgur.com/5tpOQYu https://imgur.com/g6m3mfj Digital Photo Album Red & Blue, AI Project https://imgur.com/oXCXwFw ET Book Cart Proto https://imgur.com/1QFE08C ET: Return to Earth https://imgur.com/zrU4GGi https://imgur.com/k8DHuEY Hozer (#21/20) https://imgur.com/3STuyb2 https://imgur.com/nRUuGYC Tron (#15/15) https://imgur.com/Gz237bd https://imgur.com/I6z4xNM
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