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  1. Good find, @DjayBee! I am looking forward to trying the fixed image. I wonder how the first Atarimania dump was created and if that may explain the difference between the two. I do not know much about image editing or Atari programming, so anything further would be speculation on my part. In any event, when it rains, it pours. Asphai fans have gone from zero good images to possibly two! Thanks for your response.
  2. Hello, AtariAge members. Apologies for the necro, but I hope you'll find this worth the breach of etiquette. I'd like to revive this thread with the attached disk image, a potentially-more-functional copy of Morloc's Tower for the Atari 8bit series. By offering this, I hope to end the searches of other Dunjonquest fans and possibly resolve the issues described in this thread with the existing dump available on Atarimania. After speaking with Bertrand of Atarimania, I've provided them with a copy of the disk image for testing. During my conversation with Balleyalley, they suggested posting the image here in order to get a greater audience for testing the image. This sounded like a great idea. To this end, please give the attached image a try and let me know how it goes. If you're looking to use real hardware, I found that the usually-trusty Disk Wizard II fails when writing the image to a real disk. I ended up using an older version of Copy2000 to write a copy to disk (gotta save wear and tear on the original). Streaming the ATR through a SIO2PC cable appears to work just fine. A few points to note when playing this, as it's a bit different than most Dunjonquest titles (even from Datestones of Ryn). Please check out the below spoilers if you do not want to head in blind. Cheers to my fellow adventurers and good luck in the Tower! Dunjonquest - Morloc's Tower.atr
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