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  1. Jim, sent you last night some pics and info via email. Just would like to confirm if you received. Tks!!
  2. Still not good luck... I think part of the problem could be my dockbus wiring as I am not using any converter. Could I send you directly (trying not to saturate this forum) by email or other method some pics of my wiring? My email is [email protected] I activated as suggested the debug option, but not getting more information than this when entering SAVE "100.TEST" at my TI-74... which may indicate an issue with wiring, right?
  3. Thanks again for your quick reply... still no luck. I found/commented "#define INCLUDE_CLOCK" as indicated. The only change I noticed is I am getting now E0 I/O ERROR 255 "100". It wouldbe great if you are able to test this latest version on your board as I am almost sure my circuit is fine according with your diagram for SC card. Thanks!
  4. Thanks again Jim. I succesfully implemented the diagram circuit (image above), including ground connection for pins 8 & 9 as you suggested. I was able as well to flash my Arduino UNO with the latest SRC.INO with no problem, so I tested it after connecting my TI-74 with the ribbon cable. Unfortunately I am not able yet to save/load programs. After typing SAVE "100.TEST" with a small program loaded, I am getting E0 I/O ERROR 39 "100". Any ideas/suggetions? During my troubleshooting, I tested my SD card reader with basic Arduino libraries and it works fine (read/write files), so that's not the issue. I tried as well to turn the clock function off (as you indicated on your comment above), however, I was not able to find CONFIG_CLOCK=1 in config.h. Should I look somwhere else? Thanks again for your comments and suggestions. I think I am pretty close to get this working! Hugo
  5. Hey Jim, thanks for your update on this. I am almost ready to start the implementation of the Arduino-based interface for my TI-74. However I have a problem: I have not been able to get the Arduino Data Logger Extension card, but I have the smaller, Micro SD Card Reader generic module. While looking at the documentation provided at your GitHub, I just found under HEXTIr/pcb/Fritzing/ the attached image, showing implementation with this SD card reader. Could I use it instead of the Data Logger following the connection diagram provided there, and if so, would I have to change and/or use a different *.ino program (under HEXTIr/src/) to flash the Arduino UNO from my Windows laptop? Thanks in advance! Hugo
  6. Hi Meinhard, I am extremely interested on replicating your nice and smart solution for the TI-74 Mass Storage Device. Did you have a chance to organize and share your project? Otherwise perhaps some basic wiring/circuit diagram and Arduino coding would be enough? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi Jeff, Amazing work on creating the interface!! Couple of questions: 1) For those of us with only a regular cassette tape recorder, would that work on, let´s say, manual mode? 2) I recently read about a TI Connectivity USB cable for their latest Graph Calculators (TI-73, TI-83, TI-83 Plus, etc). Do you think there could be a chance for adapting one of those to the TI-74, 95? Thanks! Hugo
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