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    If you guys become Syndicate nuts try to track down (emulate or...) purchase an Acorn Archimedes computer (UK) and play Syndicate on that. It received the absolute best Syndicate port.
  2. I didn't buy a M.U.L.E. when I should have (5200.) Is the NES version close? If not, whats the 5200 version run?
  3. I had mint copies of Killer Bees, Turtles, and - oh yes - Power Lords for the Odyssey 2.... Gave them away because I was bored with them.... Could have gotten atleast $100 for the Power Lords
  4. Topic says all. Looking to get back into the 2600. Would like a 2600 w/ S-Video / RCA Audio mod. And I have a list of games that I would want. I would prefer to buy locally here in Illinois but if not possible, I will deal with shipping.
  5. I'm all about one stop shopping. I'd like to pick up a 2600 w/ S-Video and a bunch of homebrews. Any chance you could stock these?
  6. Is Atari Age planning on attending the Midwest Gaming show? I'm interested in purchasing homebrews however I'd like to try the games out first before plunking down hard cash. Also - I'd post this if I could - I can't start a post in this forum. Any chance that the AtariAge store could stock 2600's w/ S-Video? One stop shopping = A+
  7. I would be interested to hear from individuals who ONLY collect/play 2600 systems games. Why only the 2600? What is wrong / or what makes you less interested in other consoles? I don't mean to turn this into "2600 rules, you suck!" thread. I am simply interested in hearing why some people are only interested in the 2600 and disenchanted - uninterested in others.
  8. See: http://www.sabrina-online.com/thismonth.html Is there anything available to do these types of comics?
  9. I've been digging maze games lately and don't want to miss any gems.
  10. topic says all. doesn't matter which console/computer they are from.
  11. Take the SMS adaptor out of the equation and rely only on the Game Gears library. Are there any games on this platform that are good enough to hold onto one?
  12. Once the battery gives up the ghost, how is it replaced? Or is it even possible to replace?
  13. How are you getting s-video output on the 800? I thought it only had composite video output?
  14. I know some people have put the 1200XL (regarded as the best keyboard) in 800XL's. But I've read that while the 800XL was designed to be fully compatible with the 800 - it wasn't the case. So I'm asking if there is a way to put this keyboard in the 800 instead.
  15. I would like to thank everyone who responded to my question. I didn't mean for this to turn into a piracy debate! After spending some serious time thinking about it - I think instead of buying Battlesphere I am going to pick up a copy of Star Raiders and a Atari 800 computer instead. I will take the extra money saved and invest it in my kids college fund. Thanks again!
  16. I haven't played either. I've played a port of Elite (non Atari version) and while I enjoy it - I think I prefer space combat more than trading / commerce. I've heard that Phaser Patrol is the best "Star Raiders"-esque game on the 2600. I just don't know how it stacks up to Star Raiders on the 8 bit computer.
  17. There are a ton of homebrews available in the store and while I like supporting the authors - I can't afford to buy crappy games. So can you give me an idea on whats hot and whats not?
  18. No. They use OTP roms. They are not windowed eproms. Great thanks! I was not looking to cause any trouble. For the price I am going to pay it would be nice to know that it will last long enough for my grand children to try it.
  19. Jesus... I know I am opening a can of worms... But would it be possible to read the contents off the chips, burn new ROMs, then destroy the original EPROMs? It just seems like a hell of a lot of money to risk the cartridge failing on you.
  20. Reading over the documentation on the Battlesphere Homepage a big "WHOA" occured when I read that BS uses eprom chips. If I am right, these will suffer a greater risk of bit-rot rather than plain old ROMs, no?
  21. less skylar in the 1mb version? It sounds like the superior port
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