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  1. Super helpful , I'll take a look, when I get back but also that doesn't bode well since I wouldn't be be to source another U9 ic correct, assuming no issue with anything else in line around it? thank you!!!
  2. By the way appreciate the help. When I asked on other forums clearly people don't read and give the same generic advice.
  3. That's my plan found the ics cheap from ebay. Hopefully that will get this guy back up and running. Someone purchased this on ebay years ago as not working hoping thet could fix it and whoever they purchased it from attempted something ( missing screws and they replaced at least one cap and the cart extender board was installed backwards) I normally will not service if someone has opened before but I told the guy I would try but no promises. Every Jaguar CD I have fixed has been the usual suspects dirty/corroded pins/laser issue etc except this one and one that had (shorted cause of 🪳) Have you every had a Jaguar CD no display or Audio but power?
  4. Ok so just checked again and this rail (C19 and C18, C7 and C6) are shorted near those ics. Normally when a Jag CD doesn't display it's just like with a cart being too sorry no power light comes on. I've experiments with known working boards and even with no power supply, no laser attached, no eject sensor connected etc a working Jag will normally booy
  5. The ones next to the fat capacitors would be my guess. Any ideas what other electronics would use them?
  6. Already ruled those things out no it doesn't boot or do anything if a cart is installed doesn't display with or without a power source. Its Never have had seen this issue before on a Jag CD and at this point I have repaired plenty. It doesn't display no movement on the laser etc just a quick flash when you hit power button and nothing. My guess at this point is one of the ICs is shot. I'm going to go the shotgun approach and replace them once I locate another device that used the same philips ICs.
  7. Again the issue is no display, need to get the device to display before dealing with the disc. I have swapped plenty of lasers and it won't display even with a working laser. Power is not the issue even without a the laser assembly installed and no power, the Jag CD, if working should still be able to boot to a start up screen that says power then it would flash the disc with a question mark if powered on I have known working boards. Someone purchased broken Jag CD years ago and sent to me for repair.
  8. Figured I'd ask again have an Atari Jaguar CD that basically won't display anything I have repaired several of these but this one has me stumped. Here is what I ruled out: 1) Base Atari Jaguar powers on so it's not the connection to the Jaguar on multiple Jaguars with clean pins it doesn't display anything. Base Atari Jaguars display over everything on it's own RF, Composite, S Video scart etc 2) cleaned every pin and cart extender tried swapping with a working cart extender board no dice 3) removed old molex connector no dice 4) recapped entire board 5) swapped with known working laser assembly still no dice. 6) New Bios Installed from Console 5 no dice 6) ran continuity across all my work bios edge connector etc all clear, bios etc. Capacitors all checked for polarity etc. 7) no issue with the wrong power supply center positive instead of center negative being used I have done those repairs in the past it's not that. I have had Atari Jaguar not display but not an Jaguar CD
  9. No dice it has continuity on every single pin so the issue isn't the molex connectors I have also swapped this with a known working one
  10. I went through a thorough cleaning, no visible corrosion, I might just need to swap that molex connector with another one to rule out.
  11. Please read before commenting So I have been doing console repairs for some time and have repaired several Jaguar CDs. One that came in for repair the Jag CD is making a clean connection to the Jaguar that the power light comes on but no sound like a rsod, and no images pops up at all just a black screen. The person who sent it in for repair got it years ago as not working. I opened not up and someone was in there as screws were missing. Its definitely the Jaguar CD with the issue and not the Jaguar as I have several Jaguars to test on. I have good power supplies that work on all my other Jaguar and Jaguar CDS I have not found any shorts, nothing obvious blown like needing a new voltage regulator. Replaced all the caps, ever tried swapping the bios chip and still nothing. My next step is to swap out the molex connectors but don't want to go through that if it likely won't solve the issue. If anyone has had this issue and fixed what component could be faulty. I have repaired a few Jagaurs that has no sound or image but also ran into 1 bugger that nothing worked. So again Jaguar CD no image no sound any ideas?
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