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  1. Hi @rockdoc2010, let me tell you that @bob1200xl has sent me one. However, if you like, there is no problem, since it is a rare piece.
  2. Hi, your gesture is greatly appreciated. I have sent you an internal message.
  3. Thank you very much for the information. Now I am looking for a substitute product. If you know any, please tell me.
  4. Do not worry. The important thing is to help the cause. What did leave me very discouraged was the email I received from the manufacturer. Look: Therefore, I have been looking for a substitute product. Do you know any?
  5. The motor is located where it spins the disk (5400 RPM). What make and model is that motor that you show in the photo?
  6. If I buy what @Nezgar tells me, can it be adapted?
  7. Thanks for answering me. The only thing I know about the replacement LC-177E is that it works with 9V. Now, I do not know if there will be an adapter for those spare parts that you point out, since those work with 12V.
  8. Hello Community, Through this channel, someone will know where I can get the replacement for this engine below: LC-177E COPAL I leave photography for reference. The only site that has that replacement, my PayPal account does not accept me to buy it. Link: http://nnelectronic.com/product.php?ProductID=213992 Stay tuned.
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