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  1. GT-DOC (GTDOC.COM) equivalent is file named DIAGS that is in the INDUSGTD.ATR. I posted all the files (including the .ATR) and the instructions how to invoke it on my post: Cabi~
  2. 26 February 2021 Regarding GT-DOC (GTDOC.COM), to clarify what is on post #16, there is a file named "DIAGS" in the INDUSGTD.ATR file that does the same thing as the original GTDOC.COM. The additional files in INDUSGTD.ATR includes Atari 800 Microsoft BASIC on the disk. You must boot INDUSGTD.ATR and let it go into Microsoft BASIC for Atari 800 and then you can do the command: RUN"D:DIAGS.* " and the equivalent of GTDOC.COM will boot up. Now you can choose the option(s) you want to run, including the ROM Version number of your Indus GT. I attached INDUSGTD.ATR below as well as all of the individual files that is within the .ATR file. Remember, the file "DIAGS" is the equivalent to GTDOC.COM. Cabi~ Post#16 quoted below. INDUSGTD.ATR autorun.sys b ciousr comhead comi como diags diagsupp dos.sys dup.sys gt patcher recvsupp remap run vidlist
  3. OUTSTANDING!!! Thanks for the help on the 256K upgrade schematic! I also just discovered Claus' article in HOMEBREW magazine? http://blog.3b2.sk/igi/file.axd?file=2017%2f4%2fQuarter_MEG_ATARI_800XL_256kB_RAM.pdf Cabi~
  4. Does anyone have an actual schematic for this 256K upgrade on the 800XL? I would like to do a DIY of it. Cabi~
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