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  1. A friend recently purchased a lot of Atari computer carts. My knowledge of these is zero. One of the carts is called Pronto the home information system. He knows I am a big Atari guy but when it comes to Atari computers I couldn’t help him. He believes it to be rare and possibly valuable. Can any one help with identifying and valuing this thing ? Can’t find anything online. thank you.
  2. I did know that it was rare and had some value, just couldn’t find any actual real information on a concrete number or any recent sales. It’s a hockey puck display case. Ended up fitting just right so I left it in there.
  3. Looks like there may finally be a sale out there to help set some kind of baseline for a value. This seller sold one a couple weeks ago for just over $1800.00. The copy he sold has some label damage but is in pretty good shape.
  4. If it were my box, I would carefully undo the glue holding it together and open it up flat. i would clean the outside with a paper towel and lighter fluid. this will remove a lot of dirt and some mildew if there is any and in just a few moments it will evaporate completely. I would flip it over and repair all the tears as best i could using gum tape. don't use too much water on the gum tape so it won't soak through and be visible on the outside. Gum tape from the inside, but be sure the image on the outside of the box lines up as best you can. After that drys i would re assemble using hot glue gun glue to reattach the seam. when that is all done i would put it in a box protector (i got one for my chess piece box and my Promotional use only box from Retroprotection, and they are real nice). Then i would put it up on a shelf for display. you would be surprised how you can make pretty damaged boxes look quite displayable with a little work and patience . Good luck. and i learned some of the techniques i use from a youtube channel called ToyPolloi. he focusses on retro toy repairs , but a box is a box. he does nice work and there are two or three videos that focus on just box restoration for display purposes. you are not likely to ever get a box in that condition to be a functional box, but no reason it can't look nice.
  5. of course it could have just as easily have been a combat wrapped in that manual
  6. yep thats it. only reason i bid that high was for this particular cartridge. believe me , i zoomed and looked at every picture as best i could to see if there was any evidence of it being picture label and not text but couldn't see anything. finally i decided to just roll the dice. Got lucky. figured there were a couple half decent games in there that i needed anyway, so even if it were text label i would just be overspending a little bit.
  7. Thanks for all the input. Took it over to the local retro game store and the owner contacted a guy who collects 2600. He offered $1000 on the spot , then a couple minutes later offered $1200 and a trade for something else. for me, I was looking for information for informations sake. Not looking to sell. I intend to keep this in my own collection, at least for now. thanks again for the responses.
  8. Hello, brand new here, so apologies in advance if this is the incorrect place for this post. was hoping someone on here might be able to help me out. I recently purchased a lot of 50 loose cartridges from a goodwill auction. One of the Carts was a sears telegame superman picture label and its blue manual. I know this has some value but i am having a difficult time finding an accurate value online. This sites rarity guide doesn't even have it listed, only the text label. On price chartings web site it has it listed but with no numbers. just blank spaces where the prices for other carts are. Anyone have at least a ballpark idea what the cart is worth? i see people list the manual for anywhere from $80 to $120. don't know if anyone is paying that but it is what sellers are asking. Anyway, if anyone knows i would appreciate any info you have. thanks a lot.
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