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  1. I understand,I asked a very good friend of mine I've worked with (c64,art,music) to take a look.I'd love him to sign up here.
  2. I still use 7800 basic because it's easy to jump in and program games(I use asm) and you can learn a lot about the system by digging in,this helped me tremendously when using debugger to learn how commercial games handled things.
  3. I think it will look ok in 160a mode
  4. Homebrew but he did a really good job,Yamo has a more aggressive logic,could have the sprites in 160b and everything else in 160a.Not sure if that will work but it might,the porting is straight forward,AI logic isn't advanced or anything.This would be easy to port over but s good artist would need to help,that's out of my realm.
  5. I'll assume you've released games before calling out anyone correct?
  6. I'm a stickler for almost arcade perfect ports,I got to play a few others recommend in this thread and many are do able with some adjustments.Never heard of Black widow before...been playing this and really like it.
  7. @John Stamos Mullet: Why do you hate a few selected programmers so much?it's up to them if they want to share....Anyway I reverse engineered the sega master system version of Bruce Lee over a year ago(maybe it was two I can't recall),but that's not really what you want here,but I can put you in touch with the c64 programmer that reverse engineered the c64 version of bruce lee if that will help. This is the version I documented The programmer of this handled the states in a very long compare structure for Bruce Lee,Ninja & Yamo though,but if someone wanted to port the z80 to 6502 I'll share the disassembled,commented code.
  8. Hows this going Geoff?,I had a fast look and I know where the color changes are taking place,where are you into this?I'm busy with Kangaroo so I didn't want to take this but I can help.Not interested in the bounty.
  9. Small update:I'm fairly far into the arcade reverse engineer of Kangaroo,almost complete..here we go.
  10. Terrible when none programmers start to this,try and learn programming the talk.
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