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  1. Double dragon on nes & master system used x & z velocities (fixed point math) so the enemies will move at an angle towards the player if the x distance is greater then 48 pixels,if less then 48 pixels on the x axis then the enemies align the z axis movement within 3 pixels to the player(have a play of double dragon on nes or master system to view this).Both the nes and master system move entities per pixel,the 7800 because of it's double wide pixels can't exactly do a straight over port.It's still a decent game in my opinion.
  2. If a person cannot program and doesn't like a project from a programmer it's best to skip the thread instead of making comments.
  3. I do hope you complete this,although a short game it's still quite fun.On another note I'm new to basic and by looking at your code I learned I can do quite a bit in basic.
  4. @ZeroPage HomeBrew,Seen this today not sure if just a test or will turn into a game.
  5. City Sim is an ambitious project,cool to see this type of game on 7800.Unnamed RPGish Board Game looks good to.
  6. I knew the game looked familiar,,good job.
  7. That's detailed enough for me,thank you Pat.
  8. Sorry for another question..but I noticed a member created some bubble bobble game pixel art,those are in 4x8 format & sprites at 4x2.I displayed his tiles in the 4x8 per level so my question is how many sprites at 8x16 is possible?I read that 4x8 tiles will cause the Maria to work more and cause me less objects.Any suggestions
  9. If you keep it reasonable"a project that I can complete in a few weeks" I'll offer to program 'The Hike' game for 7800.I'm also new here so if you want playable example of what is possible by me I can provide that.
  10. Got me with your comment as I never played Bentley Bear and thought....is it really that bad.
  11. Small update,Got both characters being controlled by the player,vertical and horizontal position adjustment to not get stuck on the tile edges is also now working.Implemented spawning the spiders yesterday,code will check if the row,column is clear to place a spider.Next will be to implement the spider logic. If you like to follow development you can have a play...http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=91217663233120254088
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