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  1. You're right. I played the NES port which was a bit easier as I think you had a life meter in that one.
  2. I played Kid Niki in North Carolina both at the Take Ten Arcade at the Eden Mall in Eden and later at the game room of a beach resort in Emerald Isle. It was a fun game and I could never get over the name of that first boss, Death Breath. Come on...
  3. I want Toki for the Atari 7800! I'm not surprised that this game may have been envisioned for the European market; the first place I encounter the Toki arcade game was in Italy!
  4. I own a copy of that book and it is AMAZING!!
  5. Jeremiah was a bullfrog
    Was a good friend of mine
    I never understood a single word he said
    But I helped him a-drink his wine
    And he always had some mighty fine wine...

    1. GoldLeader


      His English wasn't very good...

    2. GoldLeader


      Sounded like he had a frog in his throat!




      Oh Yeah!!  


  6. I learned I'm colorblind.  It just came out of the purple.  

  7. Owls are smarter than chickens.  Have you ever heard of Kentucky Fried Owl?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Wally1


      What about Kentucky Fried Organism?


      See YouTube for clarification.!.


    3. Giles N

      Giles N

      What about marinated roasted vulture?

      Or Corona-spiced chinese bat-legs?

    4. Wally1


      I hope you're kidding with

      that last one!


  8. I am pleased to hear that the Chaos Engine is coming out too on the Bitmap Brothers Collection. Us Americans know that game under the title Soldiers of Fortune. I did like that game as it is a lot like Gauntlet; you kill swarms of enemies, fight through traps and grab loot!
  9. Evercade Intellivision Collection 1 Trailer - YouTube Besides the Intellivision collection, a Bitmap Brothers Collection was just announced. Evercade Bitmap Brothers Collection 1 Trailer - YouTube This has my attention - it has the Chaos Engine, a Gauntlet type game better known here in the USA as "Soldiers of Fortune". What do you think?
  10. Got a new YouTube video up on making thumbnails for comics!


    How Do You Make Thumbnails for Comics? - YouTube


  11. YES! The Intellivision collection has my attention but I really am excited to see what arcade game will be on the Evercade.
  12. There have been alternate timelines proposed where the crash didn't happen or Atari selling the Famicom outside of Japan. Now there's an idea.
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