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  1. Poison Ivy Gulch launches on Kickstarter in 4 days!



  2. 5 days until I launch my next Kickstarter - it is still awaiting approval!


    5 days until Poison Ivy Gulch Saddles Up! #kickstarter #comics #crowdfunding - YouTube

  3. 7 days until we launch Poison Ivy Gulch Saddles Up!



  4. 8 days until Poison Ivy Gulch launches on Kickstarter!



  5. 10 days until I launch my next Kickstarter to fund my first webcomic book collection!



  6. The universe will end in 90 billion years.  Good thing we'll have plenty of time to put on clean underwear.

    1. Corby


      still not enough tyme

    2. thanatos


      If you look up "Universe heat death", it's many many more times than even 90 billion.  It's an unfathomable amount of time.

  7. Austin St. John, the original Red Ranger of Power Rangers, has been indicted for wire fraud.  How could he do such a thing?


    Austin St. John - MMPR Red Ranger - Federally Indicted on Wire Fraud - Tokunation

  8. 23 days until my next Kickstarter!



  9. Who wants a 1.5 pound Ring Pop?


  10. 24 days until Poison Ivy Gulch Saddles Up!



  11. 2000 Flushes


    * 1 oz. Curacao, blue
    * 1 oz. Liqueur, melon
    * 1 oz. Vodka
    * 1/4 oz. Cranberry Juice
    * 1/4 oz. Raspberry Juice


    1. Add ingredients to a cocktail shaker.
    2. Add ice and shake well until chilled.
    3. Strain into glass.

    1. GoldLeader


      That is the second grossest name for a cocktail I've heard today!

  12. There were no utensils in medieval times , hence there are no utensils AT Medieval Times.


    There were no utensils but there was Pepsi?

  13. 30 days until my next Kickstarter, Poison Ivy Gulch Saddles Up, will launch!!



  14. A cereal meant for orange juice?  What will they think of next?


    1. Kiwi


      Cereal with rootbeer would be next?

    2. Wilco


      That sounds disgusting

  15. I went into a department store fitting room, shut the door, waited awhile...then yelled very loudly, 'Hey! There's no toilet paper in here.' The clerks were NOT amused.

    1. GoldLeader


      Ya gotta fart right after yelling it.

  16. This cafe in Koenji of Tokyo, Japan only allows in writers on a deadline...and they CAN'T leave until they finish!!  Now that is an idea!


    Café In Japan Only Allows Writers On A Deadline And Won't Let Them Leave Until They're Done - 9GAG

  17. I'll never forget how angry my teacher got years ago when I told her a "Ghetto" was one of the Marx Brothers.

  18. H-H-Hershey's Chocolate Bar, One of the All Time Greats!  (Starring Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner!)



    1. doctorclu


      And after the fade to black, the Roadrunner falls over dead.





  19. This cat is a police captain and makes sure the local police department is working.



  20. Watching my Blu-Ray of the Peanuts Movie (2015).  I could never get over Sally calling Linus her "sweet baboo".  All these years, I thought she was saying "sweet baboon"!

  21. Ev’ry time I come to town
    The boys keep kickin’ my dawg aroun’;
    Makes no difference if he is a houn’,
    They gotta quit kickin’ my dawg aroun’.

  22. David McKee, the author who created King Rollo, died on Wednesday 4/6/2022.  I remember King Rollo most from the 13 short cartoons; they ran as a segment on the 1977-1990 Nickelodeon show Pinwheel.


    1. doctorclu


      Oh wow, I remember that.

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