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  1. I've had the VCS for a couple weeks now and have only purchased Vault 2. The game appealing the most to me right now is Supermash. I like the idea of a bit of RPG with side challenges and goal chasing. Is anyone else enjoying this game?
  2. I have a spare Black Walnut Bundle for sale. I have not opened it nor have I removed the plastic bag. Ships from 50325. I realize I will have to sell under retail to let someone recoup shipping costs and realize a bit of savings so I am prepared for that. PM me if you have interest and we can figure out something fair.
  3. I did include a new cap kit and new cart port but still.....
  4. I agree, you don't see them every day. I put the repairable one on Mercari this morning because the repair is over my head and already got an offer of $160 so I didn't get hurt too bad.
  5. I paid $210 for a console only. I had no problems selling a spare I had(a couple months ago) for $400 w/ two controllers, hookups and cybermorph. Atari is still hot. I sold 3 extra flashbacks for $15 each, a 4 switch full set up w/ six games for $60 and a light sixer sears full setup w/ six games for $100 at my neighbors garage sale this weekend. I wish I would have put together more.
  6. Took a chance on a cheap jag on Mercari and it works great. Gamedrive worked perfectly in it. Thanks for the help.
  7. Mine got delivered yesterday too. They really do exist.
  8. Finally got a tracking number for mine. It is irritating that you ordered yours in February and received it before my September order. I'll get over it once it is in my hands but for now I'll just sit here and be bitter.
  9. I ordered a new cart port and new caps. I found a local person who is very familiar with microsoldering and will do the replacement for me. Wish me luck.
  10. Was it black walnut? They say my order is valid but still in queue for shipping.
  11. I ordered mine in September and they still haven't shipped it. Now I feel I won't get it any sooner than people ordering on the 15th. Atari will have had my money for 9 months and the new orders will have a free hat. Irritating.
  12. Well, I think I got too aggressive with the cleaning and now my power light will come on with or without a cart in place but nothing happens beyond that. The screen doesn't even flicker when I hit the power button. I'm getting 8.4 volts coming from the jag voltage adapter. I'm guessing I got something jammed in a pin or damaged one. Is there a recommended repair house? I'm ready for pro help at this point. These Jags are a little more complex than the 2600's
  13. OK, Are the pins adequately cleaned while in place or is it better to open up the unit? I saw the map of pins on another post, I'll clean those again. I'm going to get another power supply as well as this one is not 100% reliable and gets pretty hot
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