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  1. Side art showed up yesterday. Time to convert this 80's Drew's Tiger Paw machine into a trade show goodie giver.
  2. It was a good learning experience. I ended up buying a second Jaguar at a bargain price right after I bought this one. Once I clean it up and pair it with a game I should be able to make enough to break even on the whole thing.
  3. It worked out just fine. My working Jaguar was delivered to my office this morning and the buyer is happy with the Gemini. Ebay held my money for about 10 days which is understandable due to my limited history. At the end of the day I traded a Gemini and about $150 for a Jaguar.
  4. Thank you, not a ton of value. Once the boss gives his stamp of approval(He has a hard time letting things go) I'll slap it on marketplace untested for half of that and let someone find a bargain or a bust.
  5. Cleaning out some work storage. Assuming everything is here and it works what's a ballpark value on this setup? Is it worth taking the time to set it up, take pictures and sell it? And before the question comes up, yes it is used. I assume this was the first computer we had in our office. The printer is an 801 and does not have a box.
  6. I'm putting new guts in an old claw machine and using it to give away products at a trade show. Can any of you recommend a custom art shop that will print new side art?
  7. I think you should sell the worn system because I need to complete my collection. I have one game(Ruiner) and nothing else. I'm not a box guy nor a mint condition guy but I do have cash. If you can tell me what components you'd be willing to part with I will make you an offer. Also if you have any duplicate games I might be interested.
  8. I don’t own a Jag yet but I am in the market so might as well buy carts when I see them.
  9. Buyer had me test it on video to seal the deal. Fortunately it worked perfectly. I threw in a bunch of duplicates I had as a bonus. I’m either half way to a Jag or one step closer to a big eBay headache.
  10. I think at the end of the day I’ll fondly remember this post as “Came to AtariAge looking for a Jag and found a bunch of Jagoffs”. I wish you all prosperity and may the force be with you.
  11. I have no problem doing that. I’ve told potential buyers that I would make a video of everything working before I shipped if that’s what they want. Maybe someone doesn’t want that or wants me to use a different cart? These guys on here crack me up. I’ve never seen a group worry about a $100 item so much. I mean that must be what it’s worth, they’ve told me that a thousand times. I’d love to hear what they tell the guy who wants $2500 for his. How much does that torn box lessen the value?
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