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  1. Thread of the dead! I remember this, too, I never managed to find one.
  2. When I got notifications to this thread I thought it was a mistake, from 2011! I haven't seen many kids' computers out there like this, but I still do watch for them to pop up. I've never seen a CyberSmart in real life, only online, adn mostly back in 2011.
  3. nathanallan


  4. I just tried, followed you as a maker but this wasn't published yet.
  5. It's possible; if it were me, I would take an existing carry case that fits what I want in it (Lynx and accessories), then print and make otherwise anything to make it that way, a huge Atari logo, maybe on top and around it. I don't have a Lynx myself, but totally possible (as long as everything is not printed, no need to reinvent a carry bag). Not too crazy of an idea
  6. I use both tinkercad and ViaCad v7-- not free but ridiculously cheap to get a copy of it, like $11 iirc from knight discounts. Those two make the bulk of the things I design.
  7. Yep, we definitely are at that point! It takes a lot of measuring to get a whole case right, though-- I found this out remaking a TI cart case.
  8. The Lynx game case is a good idea, but not as a 3D printed part *directly* but 3D print a mold and make them out of something else, like HDPE (I print in ABS, high temp, and it's good for molding HDPE which is lower temp). I'll make this an idea to make in reality when I get everything back going again. Good idea!!
  9. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1391813 Like that? Feel free to use this
  10. I can do that! Not in Blender, Blender is a thing of cad-work nightmares. Gimme a minute, STL soon...
  11. Very nice stand, Trew!!! Now I want to cook one up.
  12. Thanks! As of right now, the printer is still in its box, I haven't set it up yet, and my work hours are starting to intrude on my time in a BIG way. The Chameleon thread has me wondering if I want to make a Jag style case for a mini ITX board? I might recase one of those little computers that are for sale now inside one that I print up myself. I know what I WON'T put in there, a capture card. Hell no.
  13. So far I have seen almost every person I know on the forums say something here. That in itself astonishes me.
  14. I agree, kinda; kits do exist out there but then it would be another kit that anybody could do. I think I understand what Mike was aiming for at first, but then he got sidetracked by "being a business man." Agree: Use lots of prefab stuff, and design some that are specifically designed for it and can't be bought at some store. Of course, credit any design input that was gotten from somewhere else. Also agreed, all the deception was unnecessary. I worked with Mike briefly when I was selling on Game Gavel years back, and his motives were good. Now, it seems he has been misguided, like there is something ELSE influencing him. I am neither emotionally invested in Mike or the products or even GG anymore. So, still sitting back and watching it turn into MORE of a train wreck.
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