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  1. Reading some of these comments....What kind of people log into chat rooms to comment and watch videos of things they dislike? What a crappy way to spend your precious time. Go spend your time with something you enjoy. Funny part is, I bet every single one will buy an Amico the first chance they get. Then probably come back here to talk about how horrible the system is as they log in hundreds of hours of play time just to look for things they can complain about. Sad existence. Anyway on to why almost all of us are here. Looking forward to the release date announcement.
  2. Tommy, you still on track for the February update of the webpage?
  3. So Tommy said they are shooting for 35 games at launch. That's including the 6 prepacked games. I'm missing 5 from this list. Any ideas? Astrosmash Cornhole Farkle Shark Shark Skiing Back Talk Party Battle Tanks Biplanes Blank Slate Brain Duel Breakout Care Bears Cloudy Mountain Dynablaster Emoji Charades Evel Knievel Finnigan Fox Hot Wheels Sideswipers Liars Dice Missile Command MLB Baseball Moon Patrol Night Stalker Nitro Derby Pong Pool & Billards Rigid Force Sesame Street Math Fun Snafoo Spades
  4. Come on now. You can't give us that tidbit and not tell us.
  5. My wife wants to know what weeks I'm taking off this summer for vacation. Stalling until we get the Amico release date. I know it could be delayed yet again but I'm feeling good about July.
  6. I'm trying to figure out if there are RSS feeds in forums. I searched here and it was asked years ago with mixed responses but nothing recent.
  7. Immature impulse because they can't have it now. Don't worry most will buy it anyway and Amico is going to be huge.
  8. I'm excited to see the 35 launch games listed on their website soon. I want to go through each and every one, to decide what I'm buying. Most of them, I'm sure. There's probably enough info out there to figure out all 35 now.
  9. As a non collector I can't imagine anything that would make my get physical copies. That's not to say I'm not interested in what you have planned, but for someone who just wants to play games with the family, I don't see any advantages. Another thought is patches and updates. Will games have them and if so how would physical media get patched?
  10. For Tommy. http://www.sjgames.com/ill/archive/January_07_2021/Want_To_Make_A_Computer_Game_For_Us
  11. I gave my Switch to my kid to make room for Amico. My wife and I want to sit down and casually play a game here and there. Learning a bunch of menus and buttons every time we start a game gets old fast. We have found a few casual games but not enough to make it worth it for us. Having an entire game system that's family friendly and easy to hop into with every game is exactly what we have been waiting for.
  12. When can we expect the Amico website to get updated in a way that shows off the games being officially offered on release date? Maybe even a way to preorder them.
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