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  1. Yes, sorry. I had copied that link but forgot to paste it to my message. https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/indystar/obituary.aspx?n=richard-charles-degler&pid=196422231
  2. I'm Gary Degler, Richard's younger brother (we always called him Rick, but he did seem partial to Richard). Adam seems to have a very good grasp of Rick's personality and temperament. He was very quiet, a bit of a smart-aleck but in a funny clever way. We knew little of the details of his computer career, he was very private. His career included a job for a telecom company where he traveled all over the world doing installs or troubleshooting for phone systems (some of his old telecom parts and diagnostic equipment was still in the house). Then still in Chicago, he worked for years for Bally/Midway during the arcade and home game systems boom. He eventually moved back to Indianapolis and worked for a cash register systems company, and also did some freelance programming for Atari and others. We did find all kinds of manuals, internal newsletters, memos (and even travel and expense receipts and logs) going through things at the house. And a lot of his notes, diagrams and graph paper artwork from his projects, many things we didn't even know about. Rick had diabetes health problems for a few years, then developed cataracts the last year or so until he was probably almost legally blind. He finally got cataract surgery early this spring, but then found out he had cancer not too long after that. He had a rough few months at home, with some hospital visits, and then passed away peacefully at the hospital at the end of June. He was always very involved with family activities (in his quiet way), and very generous, especially with our kids. He had an interesting full (quiet) life, and has been missed... -GaryD
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