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  1. Indeed. I bought a machine that went through ebay's "Global Shipping" in Kentucky (not sure why it's there.. but ..reasons) .. arrived in a box that was 4x the size of a quadra605 with two sheets of bubble wrap scrunched at one end to catch the 80+ bits of "platinum" plastic case. Mainboard was even bent. Amazing really. But this is exactly what I want avoid. Thanks for the positive thoughts. I really do appreciate them. Indeed hope someone has an idea. I'm half tempted to take a punt and go with FedEx or DHL? Just no experience except for FedEx when shipping capacitors to recap stuff from mouser in .hk. We learn I guess.
  2. Just replied. Last two of the three that've gone on ebay.com.au have gone overseas. AussiePost has smashed stuff I've received a few times. Just concerned.
  3. I have a Falcon030 I've hung onto since the 90's. It's in excellent condition and has 14mb ram upgrade and has a new unused spare mouse. I'm looking to ebay it but the couple I've seen go have ended up going to people in europe. I'm guessing the shipping from Sydney Australia is going to be probably about 500 or more. The question is, mostly due to shipping. Is there a shipping company people have used and would recommend that'll get it to where it's going without being used like a football? I really don't want this squashed and beaten and looking like Aussie Post used it for the annual christmas rugby game (I've had bad experiences in the past). Pretty nervous about this. Thanks for the advice.
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