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  1. Recently I picked up a Sega Genesis model 2. While starting my cleanup I found that one of the four oval shaped foot pads is missing. The pads are about 25 mm long, 5 mm wide and 4 mm high with rounded ends and fit into slight recesses in the bottom of the case. I looked on Google without luck. The single eBay listing found does not ship to my location, Canada. Does anybody know a place to get one (or four if required) replacement foot pads?
  2. Yes, you are probably right. It did work using the RF connection before I cleaned the board with isopropyl alcohol and a toothbrush. I have no idea what component was damaged during the cleaning. None look damaged and I wasn't rough with the brushing. I am happy it works after the A/V mod which I intended doing all along.
  3. Well I can't explain what went wrong but whatever it was doesn't matter anymore. I removed, cleaned and put back the channel selector switch. This did not improve the scrambled snow picture. I had my doubts it would but before doing this when I wiggled with the switch the scrambled image would flicker. I then spent the rest of the morning building and installing the A/V mod like I had planned before messing the jr up. Removed Q4, R56, R17 and C33. Pulled +5 from Q4, GRN from C33, video from R56, and audio from A3 near the top right of the bottom-most chip. Now it has good video and sound. Maybe this information will help someone in the future with a similar issue.
  4. Atari Jr is rev F. TV is older flatscreen and known to work with other Atari jrs. I'm testing with a known working ET cartridge. With this junior when I power on, with the ET cartridge inserted, the picture is scrambled black & white snow. I can hear the background ET music fine. I can play the game judging from the sounds. Now what makes this even stranger is that the TV is tuned to ch2 but the channel select switch is set to ch3. When the switch is on channel 2 there is different scrambled snow and NO sound. The cartridge slot is clean. In fact the unit worked normally until I "cleaned" it. All the solder joints look good. None of the chips or components get hot to the touch. The voltage regulator shows 9v and 5v on opposite outside legs. Might anyone have some ideas where to start? I was thinking to removing the channel select switch and cleaning it some more. My end goal is to do an AV mod. I got all the components and have done it before to other Jrs with success.
  5. I was able to arrange with a seller on ebay for a replacement foot about an hour before you posted yesterday. However I do appreciate you taking the time to reply, look and reply again, thank you.
  6. No, I did not. Last fall I contacted them for a different small item. They responded quickly and friendly enough but said there was a minimum order of US$20. I paid $20+ shipping for the entire unit off ebay thinking it would have all four pads. All I need to complete it after doing a A/V mod is the single foot pad. Thank you for the suggestion though.
  7. Hello, I have an Atari 2600 JR that is missing one of the four rubber feet and would like to find a replacement. If you have one or know where to get one I would appreciate if you would contact me. Thank you.
  8. Shouldn't the audio connection, they grey wire drawn into the picture, be over one component to the left on the resistor?
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