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  1. Elektronite, thank you for the hard work and great games!
  2. I use 99% Isopropyl alcohol for cleaning my consoles. That's better than the common 70%, the less water content the better
  3. Damn, just found out about it now, only 61 years old, so sad.
  4. Rik

    Went hunting today

    Awesome find! you guys are lucky, i have found NOTHING in the wild or worth raving about in YEARS. All thrift shops around me now sell their games on eBay and no longer put on shelves, so i stopped looking. Flea markets? sell at insane eBay prices so ...F that : )
  5. From my childhood, and STILL to this day, I just love PItfall 2, Lost Caverns music. Unless there' s better in the newer home-brews which i have not checked out many of, that could change in the future.
  6. I found this game boxed at a gaming store, but with the console overlays missing. I hope to find both 4&6 switch, but i'd be happy with one or the other. You mostly find stuff like this by surprise, when NOT looking!
  7. Rik


    I went to eBay and saw the listing for a loose 2600 H.E.R.O. for $80.00. by "Happiestsellerever." and several others for insane prices. AND that is not the worse, there's another seller (JUMPING ON THE BANDWAGON), so it seems) selling a loose 2600 HERO for $167 and another $110! WTF!, this is getting quite ridiculous, the prices that is. I was away from AA and gaming in general for a while and couldn't believe prices have inflated THIS MUCH. That is why i wasn't sure WHAT NinjaWarrior was referring to, 2600 H.E.R.O.? FOR THAT MUCH?....GOOD LORD! I am glad i have completed my collections and have all the games i want. I'd hate to be that person who is starting now! But that's eBay, you can find proper prices elsewhere, just takes longer to find is all. sucks, but that's collecting today. But when all classic gaming stores " I" go to lately check prices at eBay for a 2600 game I want, or CV Intv , ETC. i just can't pay the high prices anymore, like i said, glad i'm done.
  8. Rik


    Yes i do know what forum this. Lots of console specific forums mention games FROM OTHER systems You did mention you played it one other systems, PS2, GBA, just wasn't sure which you meant, or was referring to.
  9. Rik


    Which version of H.E.R.O. was that? Holy crap $80? prices getting quite ridiculous lately.
  10. Rik


    Yeah great game, one of the very best by Activision. Anyone tried the CV version? CV H.E.R.O. has slightly more detailed graphics but the 2600 has brighter, more crisp colors. I can play H.E.R.O. just as good with the CV controller surprisingly enough, same with many other ports like Pitfall 1&2. i prefer the 2600 version of H.E.R.O. though.
  11. Awesome. I love box art. I am a huge fan of PC "BIG BOX" art. I have a huge collection, Sierra being my favorite.
  12. Yep, i noticed it, been like that for the past 4-5 years now. And, if at any time, although rare, anything cool in classic gaming comes in at any local thrift stores? ? it's immediately put in the display cases with eBay prices. I feel for the guys just starting out collecting.
  13. Bed, Bath and Beyond had a huge shipment of about 200 or more each of Atari FB6 and Sega Classic Gaming Console. They ARRIVED at around Dec 6-7 and were ALL gone DEC 14-15. Now they have the Darth Vader toasters which are cool, too cool to USE!!
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