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  1. One of several Apollo games i have that i remember playing a lot is Infiltrate. It's a very simple game, but one i found very addictive. I have Wabbit, Lost Luggage, Space Caverns, Final Approach which i have not played in years but i do not recall hating any of them
  2. Those were great times. Every department store at every mall had kiosks set up for Intellivision, CV, Atari, Odyssey 2, etc. from 1980 until about 84. I have great memories of my friends and I playing the games until we got told to leave at closing time.
  3. Crt's. My beloved huge wooden cab 77 27 inch Hitachi conked out 2 years ago. I 've kept any CRT i could get my hands on. I have several, a 14 inch, 2- 27 inch Sanyo's, a 21 inch Memorex TV/VCR combo, great TV it is. And a few more i got at Value Village for real cheap.
  4. Sorry been busy with work for a while. Like i said in post #8 pushing 2 on the keypad continues the game, like the arcade version does, to continue at the last level you died , instead of starting from beginning, like it says in the instruction manual scan that i also looked up.
  5. I bought a MIA from you Mitch, man that was a while back 2008-9? it's #23, thanks again.
  6. I got this Oil's Well cart in a lot of 400 games i got a while back with this one that i would assume was mistakenly included as a 400 cart. I am confused, this cartridge which is # OWL-201 is listed here at AtariAge as an Atari 800/XL/XE game but the contact board is too wide to fit in my 400, are the boards not the same width on the 400/800/XL/XE? I went to a local gaming shop which deals in classic consoles and games but they just had a 400, INTV'S 2600'S and CV'S at the moment and couldn't tell me which console this cart runs on. Anyone know ? thanks, here are pics
  7. Okay after narrowing down the causes, i've "embarrassingly" found the cause. I figure it could still help others should they do the same silly thing i did. What i did was instead of pushing the number "2" on the keypad to continue the game, because of playing in a dark room i would sometimes carelessly push "1", or "3" instead, which made the game do what i described which would explain why it did it intermittently. I tested it 3-4 times just to be sure, and all is okay! I'm just glad there's nothing wrong with the games or the console.
  8. I had the same problem so i cleaned the contacts on the cartridges and in the 400 port and the problem was solved. BTW, some carts can be a VERY tight fit like Imagic Demon Attack on mine, so apply gentle pressure with the tight ones until it is fully seated
  9. Thanks for the replies. I have given the cart a cleaning, that's the 1st thing i do with all my games carts regularly but i have not cleaned the pins in the 400 port in a long while, i will do that 1st. I do have access to another 400 i can test with. It just occurred to me that i may have another Moon Patrol cart, i have not been gaming in a long while so i'm a little hazy on what games i do have in my collection which is fairly large, i'll have to check. If it does the same thing on another 400, will it be safe to say its a problem with the cart itself?
  10. Its the real cartridge Moon Patrol RX8052
  11. So, i set up my Atari 400 after a long while. While playing Moon Patrol, all is fine until after choosing the continue game option more than 2 times, the game starts going haywire. The Moon buggy fires missiles by itself and when it hits the next check point letter, it starts again at last check point and loops like that until I reset the game. Anyone else get this glitch? If it is a glitch which it seems to be, i hope it's just the cartridge and not the console itself, my other games seem to run just fine though, thanks guys.
  12. Wow, a heavy 6 is going for that much now? I am so glad that i found a mint condition Sunnyvale Heavy 6 back in 2001-3 for only $39.99. at Value Village here in Canada. That was obviously before VV jumped on the eBay pricing bandwagon, I miss those days!
  13. I had this problem with all my paddles and taking apart the pots and cleaning them solved the problem luckily. I am going to keep looking back at this thread as i'm sure the many experts here can help solve the issue which would also be great for future know how, good luck!
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