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  1. Sorry, but the only thing your comment demonstrates is how you seem to not understand that my experiences or Crossbow's experiences can not be disproved by your experiences. You are aware that my post and experience is with CRT/RF quality and not old technology on modern LED TVS or that the YouTube video is a random one that simply demostates that it is possible for RF to look better that composite in some cases and in some worlds.
  2. Crossbow states "In the case of the CV and Intellivision systems the RF is usually just as good and in some cases (Especially the Intellivision) better.' But apparently there are others on this forum who think that this is untrue or technically not possible. Seeing is believing and the YouTube video is not mine, it simple demonstrates my point. Interesting, but I'll go with Crossbows opinion and my own eyes and experience.
  3. I have had 2 Intellivision II consoles. One I bought new in the early 1980s and one I picked up recently that was part of a complete ECS system.The control pad/disc on each systems controllers are different. One control disc is molded in a really nice shallow concave, the other is completely flat. The concave one feels and controls much better. Anyone know why they are so different?
  4. https://edladdin.com/Super-CV-ec-1-005.htm I have a Super CV joystick controller that is also available at the AtariAge store. It has an arcade quality Sanwa joystick with Suzo-Happ buttons. It has great aesthetics and works great. Beware of the Wico Command Control. I bought one new in the early 1980s. I still have it but due to it's terribly hard uncomfortable side buttons, I never use it now.
  5. I have one of these but I never use it due to it having the most incredibly uncomfortable side buttons I have ever experienced. They are by design hard plastic with abrupt edges but without much tactile feel that will make your fingers feel less that comfortable after a few minutes of constant pressing. It looks nice on my shelf with the Wico Famous Red Ball that I never use either.
  6. I repeated this proceedure and my screen is now dead nuts centered
  7. Unfortunately I don't have any way to output RGB. I already have 3 CRTs, a 36" Wega, 27" RCA for Light gun games, a Compaq 19" VGA for the Dreamcast) and a 32" OLED 4k all in the same room. I have all my CRT era systems hooked up to CRTs and only use the OLED for the original Xbox, MAME, Xbox 360 and PS3. RGB does seem to be the gold standard.
  8. I have the option of RF or composite but I prefer the picture quality I get out of my Colecovision and Intellivision II RF and it's not nostalgia and I'm not alone. This video is a good example of RF over Composite on this particular SNES / TV set up. The RF image is unquestionably sharper and more detailed.
  9. The gameplay I enjoy, but the name Super Skateboardin' is it's biggest problem problem. It may have been a bit disapointing for some to buy this game new thinking it's going to be an actual skateboarding game like Skateboardin' on the 2600. I think that Super Switch Flippin' would have been a more accurate title. You could make the playable character a janitor riding a floor buffer and it would play the same.
  10. Scooby Doo's Maze Chase $48 buy it now https://www.ebay.com/itm/Scooby-Doos-Maze-Chase-Intellivision/153439308694?hash=item23b9b20b96:g:~QAAAOSwWo5bgHNW
  11. I stand corrected on the make of the joystick but the same priciples apply for all leaf switch joysticks. They might absolutely play better than ever micro switch joystick, for you and your play style preferences. I am in awe that you have tried every micro-switch joystick. Just how many is that? I am speaking about my personal preferences and unlike others, I refuse to attack another persons preferences. This is not a thread about science, and it's not about your preferences alone but thats all that seems to matter. Dis·cus·sion: noun - the action or process of talking about something in order to reach a decision or to exchange ideas. Theres none of that going on here....
  12. Leave us not forget that leaf switch joysticks were pretty much all Eugene Jarvis had to choose from at the time. 2 years ago I built a twin stick with Wico joysticks and it is great for Robotron 2084, for a while, until my heavy hand slowly tweeks those switches to less than desired performance. Readjusting the switches fixes the problem until my next episode of overzealous play. Because of this I later built a twin stick with Sanwa JLW joysticks and now I only go back to the Wico twin stick now and then for short plays. Nostalgia reigns strong in this one. Pac-Man also originally used Wico sticks but does it play better than with micro switches? Putting nostagia to the side, for me the answer is no.
  13. I've been playing around on my ECS with the Intellivision Step By Step Guide To Home Computing Intellivision_Step_By_Step_Guide_To_Home_Computing.pdf
  14. You can buy an excellent Super 78 twin stick from Edladdin https://edladdin.com/Super-Twin-78-ec-1-002.htm. Or build your own with his Easy 78 kit https://edladdin.com/Easy-78-Input-Output-Board-ec-pcb-01.htm like I did with Sanwa JLW twin joysticks and Crown SDB MX Cherry buttons.
  15. Am I too late too get that 1 remaining reservation? I went to the website and reservation are out of stock.
  16. Viva le difference! I enjoy every system for one reason or another and love experiencing the nuances of the same game between platforms. Silhoutte Mirage and Grandia are two that come to mind. For the Saturn I have English Translated versions of Policenauts, Dragon Force II, Linkle Liver Story, Shining Force III Scenario 1, 2 & 3 that I believe are exclusive to the Saturn.
  17. I speak of my personal experience but drVenkman knows what's true and will rudely tell you so. drVenkman likes to treat others on this forum with respect, like his comment to another member "Did you really need to quote the entire ordering info post to add one unsubstantiated opinion?" drVenkman is an asset to AtariAge!
  18. What an astute response. Clearly drVenkman is a clarivoiant as well as a curmudgeon. He knows what others think and experience better that themselves. Kudos to you O' great sage.
  19. Rust never sleeps . Either does disc rot.
  20. In Jr. college we did have access to a Baggae Difference Machine though
  21. I started out my Atari 7800 journey with RF output on a CRT and then graduated to the simple composite mod. Then came the Longhorn Engineering mod and now, the latest and greatest S-Video mods are the UAV and Magic Knight. If you search the net for the best Atari 7800 S-video mod what comes up hands down is that UAV is the best available. Beware CRT purists like myself because if you connect a UAV modded 7800 to a CRT you will be dissapointed. The Longhorn S-Video is simply stunning on my WEGA 36" CRT and along with progressive Line doubling even better. I own a UAV modded 7800 as well and It looks good on my LED flat panel but there is no question in my mind that the Longhorn mod on my CRT looks stunning compared to the UAV. The UAV mod does look better than the Longhorn on my modern flat panel but the Longhorn on CRT simply shines.
  22. Unless you don't own a PS1, is there any real advantage to the Saturn English patched version over the already English language version that was released in 1999 on the PS1? I realize that this is a Saturn thread but come on, how many AtariAge users don't have both systems. I have both and the differences are minimal to me.
  23. In Jr. college we did have access to a Babbage Difference Machine though
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