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  1. Well thanks to Marc and Hozer this became my piece of art... Probably ain't worth more than 50 dollars but to me its priceless! Thanks Both...
  2. It have worked, the RCA connector. Game played fine, NTSC nonetheless, but still... Very happy about it. Thanks to all the comments, feedback and help!! Rgds Alexander
  3. Survival Run (endlabel).zipDice Puzzle (endlabel).zipKool-Aid Man (endlabel).zipMogul Maniac (endlabel).zip
  4. Remember seeing a Guy did this on YouTube with An iPad. Was thinking to do the same but put the Idea aside and chose to wait for the original stuff. But the Idea is a.good alternative.for testing. If the cassette tape doesn't work ill have to i guess.... Thanks 👍
  5. Oh sorry, Just posted a wrong picture from internet as An example for the tulip jack names . I bought myself a mono, well that is what the Ad showed when i bought it. Could still be a stereo after all, that mono is only intended for the "tulip" side 😄... Thanks for the fb anyway!! Oh another explanation: m means male, and v = female in the case, not mono or video or something else, Just 2 B sure. Nedis is Just the productname...
  6. Haha it's indeed a Dutch term because you can buy tulip to jack adapters or vice versa. But now i know how it's called in USA 😄... RCA! I bought myself one of those adapters and hoping it Will work. Will recieved my first SpSc-game next monday OR tuesday... Hopefully it works, crossed fingers
  7. Hi, i found myself a starpath supercharger yesterday for 50 euro but i noticed a jack 3.5 was missing and instead a tulip cable was attached. I am a noob with these kind of electronics but i didn't wat to leave it with the seller because you see Them much in the Netherlands, not even in your hometown. The seller didn't knew what is was or how It worked, Just a.young fellow who bought himself a.bunch of Nintendo stuff with this piece of artwork included. Before i decide to replace it with some sort of original cable, anyone knows why this could be hooked up like this? The SC self seems to work but do not have games yet so cannot test it yet. Cheers StormyWeathers
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