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  1. I really haven't had a chance to check either of them. I should be able to get my hands dirty this weekend and will post back with results.
  2. Gary has first dibs. If he backs out, I'll move down the list. Thanks guys! I probably have other ram I'll add after these 4 go as well as some other stuff I no longer need.
  3. That's how it was before flashed with Unirom. With the Unirom, you no longer need the spring or swap. It just loads backups (copies). Like I mentioned before, it's like the pseudo kai for Saturn flashed to a gameshark cart. It loads it's own bios or OS before booting the system. I will post an image of the loading screen and you can see. It finds the game file and tries to load it, but the laser has trouble so the game doesn't load. It's the fault of my consoles, not the unirom. If it was the unirom, it would never load or find the game file on the backup disc.
  4. I would like to take them off you hands.


    1. CPUWIZ


      How do you know what he has in his hands?

  5. I have a bit of sad news with some acceptable news. Lol. Acceptable (because I already said it wouldn't matter): I found the other flashed cartridge. Bad news is I can't get either ps1 to play discs. They might both need a cleaning but idk. They both turn on and run the unirom cartridge but I can't get either to play a game. The offer still stands for the unirom. $20 shipped.
  6. Sounds good. Send me a PM with your address and I'll let you know how much.
  7. I have 4 sticks of DDR3 Samsung brand. See pics. All 4 sticks to whomever wants them. I have no idea if they work because they were given to me when I bought a used psu locally and I didn't want to put them in my rig that already has 4 8gb sticks. Lol. They came in this baggie but I think I can find an anti static bag to ship them in. Just pay shipping from California. Pm for estimate to your zip or provide address for exact if you want.
  8. It's basically like a psuedo kai for the Saturn. It's a soft modded game shark cartridge that connects to the ps port on the back of early models. I'll take a look and see if I have a console. If I do I'd send the console and unirom for $40 shipped. I just did a quick look around and can only find one that I flashed to unirom and another that's original action replay I was going to leave original but if I can't find the other one I'll just flash that one too. Give me until early next week if you haven't heard from anyone else. I'm pretty sure I have 2 consoles but I have to make sure both read games before I send one off.
  9. Does it have to be a hard mod? I have an extra unirom cart that allows for playing backups as long as your ps1 has the right port. I'd let it go for $20 shipped if you want it. That's just the unirom cart though. I have to check on an extra console.
  10. haha wellll I was actually checking those out awhile back Nah. I think this is the first forum I've posted for sale on. All others were straight to ebay. The only negative feedback I ever got was when someone tried to bone me out of a phone I got brand new (from an RMA) and sold on ebay. They used it for about a week then sent back a broken one with a different IMEI. This was way early in the cell phone game so Paypal sided with them because they DID send a phone back, with tracking. I bought the vita for $125 and didn't want those games so I figured I would get some of my money back. I didn't care if they sold for $45 each since I already got a good deal on them. The one I linked just had active bids, even at the time you linked recent sales. I didn't want to link because it seems like ebay is a "no no" around here except for the auction sub forum. that's all. I'm cool to chalk this up to a misunderstanding if you are.
  11. I can tell you've been a member for a long time. I hope I make it that long. I've been a member of various forums equally long but recently found this one when I bought my first Atari 2600. I guess I'm confused too. It really felt like I was being trolled. It's all good. Maybe some readers can get some chuckles out of this thread. Who knows. I sold Madden and MK locally for $40 so I saved on shipping. I wasn't trying to get $45 for my own MK so I didn't really care that one was selling for that. Honestly that one tripped me out because of the 29.99 BIN. I won't sell COD loose here because it would only be like $10 and that would get eaten up in shipping. Sure I'd break even from the same $60 shipped but it just feels dumb to me at this point. I'll be editing my post as sold. Thanks for the conversation.
  12. I would like to point out that you, sir or ma'am, are wrong. The listing to the one I linked sold WITH BIDS for $46 + $5 shipping. I am not sure where you get the "it's not" but that goes to show your passive aggression. Your link of sold items even reflects that sale, as does the attached image. I can see how your post started off polite. I appreciated the linking, honestly. But then it all seemed like you were trying to "run off" potential offers. Maybe it's a bad day, maybe it's a bad year. I have no idea. All I know is how I felt about it. Thanks for the input.
  13. I noticed that after my initial comment. I simply did a search for the games, and sorted by ending soonest. I looked at auctions with current bids. You can even see the one I linked listed in your link now that it's closed. I'm not looking to score fortune, I was only listing what the current value is. Even the fact that you linked sales at $30 shipped still justifies my $60 shipped for all 3. Also, I'm open to offers. If you have one, please feel free to go for it. If you are simply trying to bash my listing to run me off, I understand that as well. It looks like nothing sells around here unless you've been around long enough to point out others mistakes.
  14. Wait. Those are historical sales.... I'm not saying there aren't deals out there but to link those as available is misleading. The one I linked is current and ends in 2+ hours. There is another one that's just over $20 and has 2 days left. I don't know if it's a collector or limited game or whatever, but something has that one game going up in value.
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