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  1. Barely see TT's come up for sale at all any more these days, but if anyone is interested in selling one I am very interested.
  2. If anyone has a TT030 keyboard (not a Mega STe keyboard) - or knows of any that may be available anywhere - I would be very interested in purchasing it!
  3. Man, just seeing that Catbox brings back a lot of memories!
  4. All of the Atari annual reports should be available....somewhere. I can remember reading some on microfiche at my (US) university library back in the early-mid 90's.
  5. Thanks for all of the replies, folks! I purchased HDDDriver, got it onto a floppy, and booted the machine up with the floppy inserted. It booted straight to the hard drive. LOL! Not surprisingly, the HDDDriver utils shows the drive as happily alive. That being said, I'm sort of assuming I might be entering an inevitable death spiral with this drive and would like to copy off the contents (even if just for nostalgic reasons). What's the best option for moving data off of a 40 meg ST hard drive that doesn't involve 50 floppy disks, opening/cutting the case, or soldering together my own cables?
  6. Not handy, but I presume I can download some. Any recommendations on util software?
  7. Whatever came stock with the machine - I never touched the driver software.
  8. I pulled my Mega STe (4 meg RAM, original 40 meg hard drive) out of deep storage a few months ago, gave it a thorough cleaning, and it booted up like a charm from the hard disk. I had been firing it up every so often to look through some old files and generally become reacquainted with the system. This past weekend I popped in "Dungeon Master" and gave it a spin (booting directly from the floppy). While that was an absolute nostalgic delight, when I powered the Mega back on sans floppy it wouldn't boot from the hard drive. If I boot to GEM from a floppy no hard drive shows as available. Did I reset a boot order sequence somehow/am forgetting a secret key stroke/or did my hard drive or controller just finally give up the ghost?
  9. I believe the Mac sits somewhere between 10-15% of Apple's quarterly revenue and was something like an $8+ billion dollar business in the last quarter (Q1 2021). Not too shabby. They are also killing it with processor design, and Macs are very much preferred among students and creative professionals. That market isn't going to disappear any time soon.
  10. With the benefit of hindsight, it seems to me that Atari Corp's downfall was a combination of the following factors: - Being almost entirely hardware devoted at the expense of software. - Related to the above, not valuing and nurturing developer relationships. - Poor relations with distributors. - Being a family run company instead of insisting on the best and the brightest. Atari thought they could push hardware just because it was a great value for the money, software be damned. But when it came to software they didn't want their third parties to be too successful because they wanted people to buy and be reliant on their in-house developed software. That actually sort of worked for Nintendo because they had revolutionary software developers in-house. Apple knew the end user experience was what mattered most, including the software. Atari just wanted to make some bad ass hardware (for the price) and thought the people would throng to it. Some of the anecdotes out of Atari are mindblowing. Leonard Tramiel being forced to talk to the marketing people when designing the Falcon when they were telling him they needed to design the machine around what the user wanted and not dictate to the user what they wanted. Sam Tramiel realizing the ST market was shot when he had to go out and buy a PC laptop for his college-bound daughter, having not paid attention to developments in the PC market and being astonished by what was available and what PCs could do. One of the largest Atari distributors in the US (Toad Computer) being run by an 18 year old. If Atari had given away development systems (ST and Jaguar) and fostered those relationships, and operated the same way with distributors, the story may have ended up similarly but the lifespan would have been much longer.
  11. The only game that rings a bell for me is "Sundog". One of my brothers was obsessed with that game.
  12. "Commie" was definitely a Commodore dig. I chuckled! But I've come to accept our Commodore brothers. Time has mellowed me...
  13. Has anyone ever come across (ideally opaque fabric) dust covers for the Mega STe/TT form factor? Standard ST/Falc covers are easy to find, but I can't say I've ever seen a MSTe/TT one.
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