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  1. Hi Al, I now have my Game Drive, so please remove me from your waiting list. Hopefully that'll bump everyone up by one.
  2. All sounds great and they are indeed cool products. I'd love a new lynx GD......Now how's about that discount for a fellow Brit who bought 3 of the old style!? 🤔 😉 😁 Be great if you could outsource some of the Jag CD work and free you up for 7800! (look out here come the comments... 😁) I for one will buy the 7800 GD and that'll then be all 4 systems that I've got from you! Take it easy.
  3. I bet you'll be glad to give the Jag a rest and refocus!
  4. Is 7800 still next on your list, SainT?
  5. Got my notification too. Many thanks SainT. I only just got my micro SD in the post yesterday. Good timing!
  6. As much as I love the AA store, for me, I would prefer in this case to obtain the item from SainT - UK to UK. I am always stung with customs from the US.
  7. Congrats to CJ and Reboot for another great release.
  8. All sorted - I was able to manually select the original driver under Device Manager and the settings for Port com 3. You can all relax now.
  9. No joy on the system restore (it failed) any idea how to reverse what I've done to my logitech brio ultra HD webcam with Zadig? Tried reinstall, rolling back and updating driver all to no affect.
  10. Thank you, yes it's working now, I didn't have Cypress selected. However I accidentally had Brio logitech webcam selected and now my webcam won't work which I need for work and I couldn't get the driver rolled back so now having to do a system restore.
  11. No luck with that. Have tried on SkunkGUI and I get this bozjcp v02.03.01 built on Nov 4 2009 Using bank 2 Cart ROM: Skip 8192 bytes, base addr is $802000, length is 1040384 bytes .. retrying .. .. retrying .. * Can't open EZ-HOST. Any ideas?
  12. Haha, I dunno I said it's not working on v1. 4 what more do you want? 😁 If you'd have said reinstall Zadig and then give it a jolly good try old boy, then I would have understood you. 😁 I shall report back forthwith old lad..
  13. Possibly, no, no, no, no and no. Hmm, I was with you all the way up to 'Sounds'. I can't understand Australian and I'm on 10 not XP 🤔, so I'm just going to reinstall Zadig - onya-mate, bonza, champ, G'day, howyagoin? beer? 😁
  14. I've tried flashing the ROM Dragonkeep to my Skunk, I had to install the libus driver to Windows 10 (64bit) from Zadig as above. I only get retrying retrying etc before the Jiffi v1.4 command prompt screen disappears leading to a green screen on the Jag. Any advice please?
  15. The best thing to take from CJ's post here is to keep washing your hands. Also don't ask him to do anything that his experience tells him not to do. For example I pointed out that the character does not duck and then he did me up like a kipper. He is always right. There's always a possibility that he's Australian too which means he also thinks he's always right. 😉 His next project is Coronaoids. Where the little ship has to navigate through vains to distroy floating viruses.
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