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  1. I managed to pick up hotdog recently from a guy selling on the fb lynx page. So get yourself on there. I paid a premium though as you would expect. I passed up on relief Pitcher he was selling at the same time. I can live without sports games especially at the premium price.
  2. Ecosia plants trees!! I type this using Google Chrome 🤔
  3. And that's coming from the top! The answer here is do your own thing according to your own judgement. Google is your friend!
  4. It's only the sarcasm holding the Jaguar World together.
  5. It may not load CD titles but it will load CJ titles.
  6. Guitari


  7. Net flix labeled it as season 5 but it's actually one of the specials. This is UK netflix, might not show in other countries.
  8. Whilst watching Only Fools And Horses on Netflix last night I noticed the character Damien playing a Lynx disguised as Action Station! They even made up a box for it! He's playing Hydra. I notice that when they cut to the view of the character, the cartridge is missing from the back. They needn't have worried since the cart's name label faces inward. But I suppose they may have seen the Atari logo.
  9. Update. Sticker sorted and that's not causing the problem. I've tested Quadromania on lynxes that are in storage and the cart is fine. However it only loads very temperamental and at an angle on my main McWill lynx. I've tested other Luchsoft releases on the main lynx which are also fine. However upon close inspection it seems my quadromania (and space battles) are thinner than the previous releases. I think the thick SC cart I've had may have forced the connectors apart slightly. I'm waiting to see if Der Luchs has replacement thicker carts for these latest releases.
  10. Could we see a video of its operation?
  11. Just saw this. I got one blue from Bratwurst for my white. It looks fantastic.
  12. Hi Bratwurst did you produce the atari logo and 64 bit text?? I would take these from you in blue if you did. Perhaps they would fit on one sticker.
  13. Only on Mcwill. I don't know if the label is the problem and I don't want to risk testing it. I just don't have the time either these days for testing various scenarios. I have reported to Sascha and await his reply. I hope yours gets sorted soon.
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