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  1. Anyone elsw in the UK got a scrolling screen issue using Pal60 Galagon (2600) on an S-video modified 7800 (magic Knight mod I think it's called). Many thanks.
  2. Yes indeed, Monsieur Z. Square. 😁
  3. Ah, good idea me old friend. But, I've come up with an alternative idea to this little set up 🙂
  4. Thanks Saint, it was just that I wanted to use it via composite but not with Jaglink. Although, it is simultaneously plugged into the Jaglink output board. Any plans to amend this?
  5. All, I can confirm that the GD is incompatible with the scatbox and catbox using composite output, both NTSC and PAL Jags. It just hangs on the retro HQ logo. (not via the Jag CD unit). Have I missed a firmware update for this?
  6. Let me know if you change your mind - serious buyer, but I can't take them all sadly.
  7. Hi would you split these? These are the ones I already have pictured, complete in box, plus Super Huey. UK based. Thank you.
  8. Thank you, even with a TV that recognises NTSC? My Pal machine also has an S-video mod.
  9. Hi all Quick Q - I hear that PAL carts won't load on NTSC machines. But, how about NTSC carts on PAL machines? I have a PAL machine and enquiring about a cib DIG DUG but the seller doesn't know the region and there's no P sticker or additional Euro manual. He's a UK seller. If NTSC carts will load fine on PAL machines then I should be good to go - I have a flat screen that obviously takes anything! Many thanks even if that wasn't so quick.
  10. For info, the RF Commander works very well for this game.
  11. Thank you, I have SainT's Jag, Lynx and NGPC devices... and I'm happy with them and know them. He's in the UK with me too so delivery is usually spot on. I haven't been following and only know the Concerto name. I wouldn't want two solutions. But thanks for the recommendation.
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