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  1. Hi would you split these? These are the ones I already have pictured, complete in box, plus Super Huey. UK based. Thank you.
  2. Thank you, even with a TV that recognises NTSC? My Pal machine also has an S-video mod.
  3. Hi all Quick Q - I hear that PAL carts won't load on NTSC machines. But, how about NTSC carts on PAL machines? I have a PAL machine and enquiring about a cib DIG DUG but the seller doesn't know the region and there's no P sticker or additional Euro manual. He's a UK seller. If NTSC carts will load fine on PAL machines then I should be good to go - I have a flat screen that obviously takes anything! Many thanks even if that wasn't so quick.
  4. For info, the RF Commander works very well for this game.
  5. Thank you, I have SainT's Jag, Lynx and NGPC devices... and I'm happy with them and know them. He's in the UK with me too so delivery is usually spot on. I haven't been following and only know the Concerto name. I wouldn't want two solutions. But thanks for the recommendation.
  6. Holding out for Retro HQ's solution.
  7. Thank you. I have a plastic silver 4 way switch box that's fully wired but fit the life of me I can't see who it's made by. This is for my main Jag/other consoles set up. Never known power flow problems with that one thankfully.
  8. Thank you Top one definitely a bit pricey. I think I may have found one so just enquiring with the seller if it's fully wired. Thanks again.
  9. Hi All, I don't suppose anyone knows where I can obtain a 3-way switchable (selectable) scart switchbox that is compatible with Jaguar? My existing one isn't and I assume this is due to it not being fully wired to 21 pins. For interest, I'm planning on having one of my Jags hooked up alongside a Saturn and a Multimega. Many thanks!
  10. Hi Al, I now have my Game Drive, so please remove me from your waiting list. Hopefully that'll bump everyone up by one.
  11. All sounds great and they are indeed cool products. I'd love a new lynx GD......Now how's about that discount for a fellow Brit who bought 3 of the old style!? 🤔 😉 😁 Be great if you could outsource some of the Jag CD work and free you up for 7800! (look out here come the comments... 😁) I for one will buy the 7800 GD and that'll then be all 4 systems that I've got from you! Take it easy.
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