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  1. 3 years off the scene is hardly any time at all. I knew Willard comes and goes but who else doesn't? All of us will at some time take time away from AA. Other projects have taken more years to get off the ground and materialise just when you think it'll never happen.
  2. I haven't been able to keep up so we're now just basically checking Saint's site every few days?
  3. I came across the on screen Jag logo today.
  4. Left Right Left Right Down Up Option 1 Option 2 - that's obvious enough but is it from the title screen. I can't get this to work Horizontally or Vertically. Oh I have it on the black Long Live the Lynx style cart - does that make a difference?
  5. Oh bless you SainT, such wonderful work has been done. There'll be help out there I'm sure. Please don't abandon everything! There'll be a solution that allows you to rest while others step in under your control.
  6. My complete set of boxes has now arrived with me via Telegames UK. I'll be unpacking them over the weekend.
  7. Spotted in CEX Tonbridge UK if anyone's interested. Have fun!
  8. I was thinking about this the other day and I'm still interested for lynx one. Sadly I think this seems like another enthusiastic idea that won't come to fruition for various reasons but I hope it does
  9. Ok, thank you, I got it working by putting everything in the root...and there's no way it can go in a subfolder?
  10. I have exactly 6 lynxes! But not enough cables, or time...or friends.
  11. What number are we up to now? I'm 600 odd.
  12. Yes, I also formated one of the Micro SDs just with Windows but it made no difference.
  13. Just to double check there are no vendors in the UK for these boxes such as Nick Harlow used to do? I just get stung customs from the US, every single time.
  14. Welcomes! I can't keep up with Lynx or Jag these days. I'm struggling to get the 30th Birthday pack to even load. Since turning 40 I think my brain stopped working. I've probably missed a load of stuff and my lynx and Jag collections probably aren't so complete any more Let me know if you want to use any more music or need any more!
  15. When you say 'no clue' does that not include sending me a PM to tell me the answer?!?!
  16. Hi Igor, No luck, I've downloaded the 30th Rom pack twice, tried on two Micro SDs with two Lynx SDs on two Lynx models and get 'error loading rom'! I've tried copying the Lynx SD file over and have tried copying the contents over (as per the READ ME) still, no luck. Any advice?
  17. But my SD cart isn't worn out..oh, a girl! That said, the SD cart is so easy and this looks complex with no visuals save for the lights on the cart.
  18. I need to get back to the seller, who kindly emailed to say one is ready for me, or he's ready for payment. I am wondering why I need this if I have the Saint SD though if anyone is able to comment.
  19. I managed to pick up hotdog recently from a guy selling on the fb lynx page. So get yourself on there. I paid a premium though as you would expect. I passed up on relief Pitcher he was selling at the same time. I can live without sports games especially at the premium price.
  20. Ecosia plants trees!! I type this using Google Chrome 🤔
  21. And that's coming from the top! The answer here is do your own thing according to your own judgement. Google is your friend!
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