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  1. Thanks for the replies - will give this a go! All the best, Graeme.
  2. Hi there, I was wondering if it would be possible to add some build instructions onto the firmware github page (https://gitlab.com/firmaplus/atari-2600-pluscart/)? I'm familiar with Java/C# builds but doing C builds is fairly new to me - I had a look around this forum but couldn't find anything. I've tried installing Eclipse and opened the project but got various errors (e.g. No rule to make target 'PlusCart.elf', needed by 'all'.) No worries if it's too big a job. Many thanks, Graeme.
  3. Awesome, thanks Mikebloke. Have send payment plus address (UK based). Cheers, Graeme.
  4. Hi there, Keen to know if there will be another batch of these coming up for sale anytime soon? All the best, Graeme.
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