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  1. I assume you guys who have had there order confirmation are in the USA, as I’m in the UK and my order is #1020 and haven’t seen anything yet. 😔
  2. Ordered the 8 pack, let’s hope we have something to play them on soon! 👍😀
  3. That’s what I thought, just don’t want them to sell out before I get a chance to order them. 👍😀
  4. Hi Tommy, I believe you said that there is 40000 units of physical games for USA and 10000 units for Europe. Now, does this mean 10000 total, or 10000 copies of each game? The reason I ask is that these have been available to order from Amazon Germany for some time, but are not available yet on Amazon UK, I just don’t want them to sell out before we get a chance to order them here in the UK. Thanks.
  5. Hi Tommy, here is my list, it’s pretty much as you listed it but with Pool at the top. Thanks Intellivision Pool Missile Command Dynablaster Finnigan Fox Evel Knievel Space Strikers
  6. Hi Tommy, Could you please show some new Amico game footage or pictures of some games, I don’t even mind at this point what it is, just so we can talk about something different and fun, other than how far complete things are! Thanks
  7. I’ve come to the conclusion that some people will argue just for the sake of it, even if the answers are in front of them! 😳
  8. I bet sometimes Tommy wishes he’d never mentioned the complete percentages of the OS/Games/Amico, as people are so obsessed with them! 😂
  9. Cool, really looking forward to this one, thanks for getting back to me. 👍😀
  10. Hi Tommy, What’s happened to this game? Is it a new version of Auto Racing? 😀
  11. Hi Tommy, I would also like to know how Night Stalker and Cloudy Mountain are coming along. Like many people here, these two games are my most anticipated and would love to see an update on them both. PLEASE!!! 😀
  12. So, we had an email from Argos today saying that Amico will now be released 2nd January 2022! Well let’s hope it’s no later! 🙏
  13. I assume that because that has the PEGI rating on it, that’s the one that will be available in the UK as well as Europe? Shame we couldn’t just have the PEGI rating on the UK one.
  14. Maybe they should of been put on the plastic covering as stickers, and not permanently on the boxes, really ruins the artwork!
  15. The boxes look great, sham the age ratings are so big! 😳
  16. I love the Yellow one with the black carbon trim! (In my head) but I love the White one! 👍😀
  17. Amazon.de have the new Amico release date as December 31, 2022. I really hope that’s a place holder date 😳
  18. Thanks Tommy for your help. Hopefully you will be able to come over to the uk soon, so we can at least have a go on Amico this year. 😀👍🇬🇧
  19. Tommy, will preorders from Amazon and Argos in the UK be fulfilled before Xmas? I have ordered 2 Amico’s from Argos, and next month I will have to pay for them both in full or I will loose the preorder as it was ordered on a buy now and pay in 9 months basis? Does the free gift apply to us in the UK as well? Many Thanks. 😀👍
  20. So, thinking of the physical media, what if it is a usb drive in the shape of the buggy in Moon Patrol or the fox in Finnigan Fox etc…it would make sense, as usb drives are really cheap these days and are the nearest thing to a plug in cartridge. I’m sure Tommy said you had to download it, maybe he meant from the usb drive…..Wouldn’t that be something!. 👍😀
  21. Ghox, I think this would be great on Amico, also, I don’t think it’s been done on any other home system 😀👍
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