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  1. Hi Tommy, I’ve ordered 2 Amico’s from Argos (my dads one got cancelled as well) hopefully these won’t get cancelled down the line. Thanks 😀👍
  2. Thank you Tommy, I appreciate that, I will try and order one from Argos when I get home from work. Cheers 👍😀
  3. The annoying thing is, is that I ordered it back on 1st December 2020, and it’s only now that they have said it’s sold out. I will try Argos. Thanks Tommy 👍
  4. Ok, so, I’ve just got a message from Amazon UK that they have cancelled my Amico order, and now you can’t preorder on there site anymore, this I worrying and I’m not bloody happy 😡
  5. Me too, I thought there was one coming today. 🙏
  6. Hi Tommy, I did ask this a while back but I don’t think you saw it... will you be making a plastic cover to go over the controllers when they are sat on the machine, to keep the dust off, and also to fill the void when the controllers are being used? Thanks 👍😀
  7. Hi Tommy, here is a odd question for you. If I get a white Amico, over time, will it go yellow like my Dreamcast and SNES? 😀
  8. It has been very quiet this month. Come on Tommy, start dangling that carrot again! 👍🤣
  9. Aww poo, that means it’s going to be 0100hrs here in the uk, unfortunately I won’t be there as I have work in the morning. 😔
  10. Tommy, Are you exclusive? Or are there different versions of you? Lol 😂👍
  11. Cool, we will have an Amico day! Maybe have some cake as well! 😂👍
  12. Well, if you’re ever in the uk, your welcome to pop round and have a cup of tea. 😀👍
  13. I really wish it was Bomb Squad, but I bet it’s not. 😔
  14. Hi Tommy, is there any chance of you showing some more game play footage of the pack in games, so we can see how they have progressed. Cheers 😀👍
  15. I would choose 1 and 2, and please show the console lights in action and how they interact with a game. 😀👍
  16. Amico has been available to order for at least 4 months on Amazon here in the UK, so I don’t know why you can’t order it in the USA/Canada yet.
  17. Very nice😉 but I don’t think my wife would appreciate this one 😂
  18. Hi Tommy, I was wondering if you could make an Amico poster, like this Zelda one, that can hang on a door, available to buy in the Intellivision store. 😀👍
  19. I would really love to see a game like Outrun on the Amico, I know the multiplayer would have to be split screen, but that was how we played racing games in the golden years. 😀👍
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