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  1. Okay, thank you! I was a little uncertain as to whether it would be a good idea to use a close substitute. Would 620 or 680pf work as well?
  2. Here you go. One picture is of the keyboard logic chip, the other is of the 640pf capacitor.
  3. So I got a Kaypro 16/2 computer and it boots up to DOS just fine, but the keyboard does nothing. I always get a "check keyboard" message. At first I thought it was the keyboard itself, but now I know that there is something wrong with the keyboard logic on the processor board. It is either that 1. the 74LS322 chip is bad, and that I can buy a replacement or 2. a tantalum capacitor is bad. The capacitors in question are 640 picofarads, which are a weird size and I cant find replacements anywhere. My question is, could I use a 620 or 650pf capacitor instead, or is there another solution? I found a schematic of the 16/2 which I've attached below. Any help would be greatly appreciated! kaypro16.pdf
  4. These two computers are up for auction in my area, Kaypro 16/2 and IBM 5155. Descriptions say that the Kaypro screen turns on but is faint, and the IBM screen turns on briefly and then back off. What would be a fair price to pay for each?
  5. I tried a zip drive and it doesn't link properly. if you want to get a game copier, you should try to get one of these https://www.ebay.com/itm/MGH-Multi-Game-Hunter-Multi-console-version-SNES-Sega-Genesis-Mega-Drive/233857767169?hash=item3673025701:g:EKkAAOSw15pf~pVY they work with both snes and genesis games. There are others like the double pro fighter, but I wouldn't recommend getting one of those because they break easily.
  6. thanks I'm kind of putting this project on hold. I'm only a high school student and I'm not going to be working for another few months, so I might post again when I'm ready to invest more time and money.
  7. This is my motherboard, RAM and eprom slot.
  8. I have a 26-3134, and I think it has a 24 pin socket, I'll have to check. Yes I would like enough ram to upgrade to 64k. How much will the eprom cost?
  9. Nice. I have someone who I'm going to ask to help me. I just need to know where I can buy those chips. Also, @MrDave if you are offering an eprom, I would be happy to buy one.
  10. I got a click! That explains a lot. Last night when I first used it, the video quality was really bad. I guess its just the RF unit going bad. Is there a way I can do an AV mod on it?
  11. I have the 26-3134. Sounds like it will require soldering. Ugh.
  12. It is connected correctly. Im using a NES rf switch because the one it came with didnt work very well. And this all worked yesterday. And it didnt click when I pressed power before.
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