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  1. I have a huge TRS-80 lot for sale. Main computer is in good working condition. HARD DRIVE IS UNTESTED. Comes with lots of software (mostly operating systems), a printer spooler, a power splitter, and a bunch of reference manuals. This is a heavy lot (56 pounds), so to ship it across the country (e.g. Idaho to Florida) will be in the ball park of $150-$175. I WILL NOT SHIP OUTSIDE OF THE CONTINENTAL U.S., NO RETURNS. Please dm me with an offer!
  2. okay thank you not sure what I'm going to do with the drive then
  3. I'm confused. This drive uses a DB23 connecter, which is the Amiga's special disk drive connector, right? Am I missing something? I just want to use it to dump C64 disks.
  4. Alright, how do I set up a 5.25" drive to emulate a 3.5" drive? Is there something internal I need to change? I don't know much about Amigas as this is my first one.
  5. It would be odd for it not to be set up as an amiga drive because it uses the DB23 connector and was plugged into the amiga when I got it. But you never know. I got the a2000 from someone cleaning out a hoarder's house and I believe they had a C64 at least at one point. I'm using WB1.3 off of a (gotek) floppy because I cant figure out how to get the hardcard hard drive working. (I don't have any original system disks, but I would like to eventually test the hard drive) I don't get an error when I edit and save the mountlist, but when I type "info", it only lists DF0 and DF1. Also the 5.25 drive does spin for a little bit when I boot up the amiga.
  6. Well I the drive was connected to the a2000 when I got it from a neighbor. And its not just a generic drive. The owner actually made a custom circuit and built the adapter from scratch. It looks like a generic 5.25" drive connected to a custom circuit. Heres a picture Also I used the mountlist on the aforementioned article.
  7. Used this tutorial and am still stuck. I have a custom made amiga 5.25 drive (one with a db23 connector) that came with the a2000 that I got recently When I type "info" it just shows DF0, DF1 and RAM disk. How do I get it to recognize DF2? (Note: I am trying to dump C64 disks with this)
  8. Okay, thank you! I was a little uncertain as to whether it would be a good idea to use a close substitute. Would 620 or 680pf work as well?
  9. Here you go. One picture is of the keyboard logic chip, the other is of the 640pf capacitor.
  10. So I got a Kaypro 16/2 computer and it boots up to DOS just fine, but the keyboard does nothing. I always get a "check keyboard" message. At first I thought it was the keyboard itself, but now I know that there is something wrong with the keyboard logic on the processor board. It is either that 1. the 74LS322 chip is bad, and that I can buy a replacement or 2. a tantalum capacitor is bad. The capacitors in question are 640 picofarads, which are a weird size and I cant find replacements anywhere. My question is, could I use a 620 or 650pf capacitor instead, or is there another solution? I found a schematic of the 16/2 which I've attached below. Any help would be greatly appreciated! kaypro16.pdf
  11. These two computers are up for auction in my area, Kaypro 16/2 and IBM 5155. Descriptions say that the Kaypro screen turns on but is faint, and the IBM screen turns on briefly and then back off. What would be a fair price to pay for each?
  12. I tried a zip drive and it doesn't link properly. if you want to get a game copier, you should try to get one of these https://www.ebay.com/itm/MGH-Multi-Game-Hunter-Multi-console-version-SNES-Sega-Genesis-Mega-Drive/233857767169?hash=item3673025701:g:EKkAAOSw15pf~pVY they work with both snes and genesis games. There are others like the double pro fighter, but I wouldn't recommend getting one of those because they break easily.
  13. thanks I'm kind of putting this project on hold. I'm only a high school student and I'm not going to be working for another few months, so I might post again when I'm ready to invest more time and money.
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