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  1. I played Wipeout 2097 for the first time on a sega saturn and crt last night along with the first wipeout. Ordered some reproductions off etsy. They are great, and I do like them better than the PS1 versions.. But the PS1 ones are supposed to be better right? Maybe I was just excited. Also I take back my earlier statement about horrible early 3d.. I also got Cyber Speedway in the mail yesterday with those discs (along with Out Run) and that is HORRIBLE! The Saturn version of outrun is MUCH better than I thought it would be!!
  2. Oooooh, never heard of or seen Road Spirits.. I only have the everdrive for the hucard games though. I just googled it and it looks right up my alley. I should have splurged for the terraonion cd emulator thingie instead of just the regular everdrive.
  3. Too many companies these days try to do EVERYTHING. They just wind up failing at basically everything too.
  4. The N64 racers were all like rainy foggy days. I think I am biased perhaps because those are my favorite kinds of days.
  5. I find those graphic issues easier to look at and comprehend than the uncanny look of characters in very modern games. They are meant to look like real people, but they are so far off the mark, and they still can't seem to overcome the dead eyes. I guess people will say current games (2021) will not age well either. Do people give dead eyes a pass today?
  6. Does it? I feel like the N64 has a slight edge graphics wise compared to a PS1 on a CRT. ?
  7. I do not understand what people mean when they said the PS1 graphics didn't age well. I don't think that's true at all. Also video game graphics are not cheese or wine. People say the same thing about the N64, but I just don't see it. Both systems have gorgeous early 3D graphics.
  8. Wipeout Fusion is sooo irritating in that the ship always blows up before I even finish one lap I do love hooking it up to the CRT though on PS2 with component. SOOOO beautiful.
  9. I did not. I'm at the point now where I am thinking about getting rid of my turbografx 16 stuff. I fell down that rabbit hole hard :/ There aren't enough racers on the system for me to keep it. I pretty much only collecting racing games for most of the consoles now. I have Wipeout, Wipeout 2097, Outrun, and CyberSpeedway for Sega Saturn that I ordered off Etsy for only 60 bux total being delivered today super excited! (granted they are reproductions..)
  10. I am going to be honest, and guess probably no games have hit 100 hours. Possibly Friday the 13th on PS4. Actually, now that I think about it, definitely F-Zero on the SNES in 1991.
  11. Test Drive Unlimited 1 - xbox 360 Test Drive Unlimited 2 - xbox 360 *the above two games are really .. ugh, im blanking on the word.. weird, uncanny, something so extremely off about them?* Forza Horizon 1 on the X1X
  12. that Ridge Racer looks cool!! michaelbthegamegenie on youtube just put out a video review of the stand up Outrun cab. I'd love to have a sit down racer cab like hydro thunder or something though.
  13. this is really hard to think of.. There's a couple of racing games (that im totally blanking on the names right now) where the control scheme is the opposite.. like moving left makes you steer right and vice versa. i think these are older games though, maybe atari? it's always jarring to play those kinds of games.
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