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  1. I’m aware this thread is now a little old but fwiw, here are my settings and screenshots on NEC 1970NX using a home made cable. These settings work fine on low and med res. I found out that adjusting Fine setting between 53 and 59 is necessary depending on app that is running.
  2. Thanks Huey. Pictures attached. Excuse the dust, been in storage and have not had the chance to clean it up yet !
  3. Hi everyone. I have an 800 XL that has AWC type keyboard. It is missing "A" key and the switch underneath is broken. Does anyone know where I can get a switch / key cap? TIA.
  4. Hello everyone. I am new to the scene and this is my first post. First met Atari 800 XL back when dad brought one home when 11 - 12 years old. Now have couple of 600, 800 s just laying around waiting for some tlc. Looking forward to catching up. As a reply to this post, I recently purchased 800XL's on eBay that someone attempted to mod but left without completing. The unit does power on, but just white screen and nothing else. Can someone help identify what this mod could be? If ram upgrade, which one and is there some manuals, etc? TIA. Huey Jones, nice to meet on eBay.
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