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  1. I've been itching for a 32x....but I dont have the money. Damn and its a good deal too.
  2. Doesnt the X'eye have enhanced sound capabilities because of JVC? something the CDX doesnt have?
  3. I think I may have found the issue. Jumpers 2 and 4 are not making a connection like it should (the solder looks like it chipped away and is not touching the trace). I am gonna try a manual bridge for the jumpers using wires and see how that works.
  4. Ok, I have a sega Genesis model 1 that will not read carts, I have tried cleaning the connector with Cotton Swabs, I have even tried cheese cloth and a credit card. Are there any other ways to clean cart slots that are much more effective?
  5. Well, the Sega CD uses the same power cord as the Sega Gen models 1 & 2, 32X, and Game Gear. They are really a dime a dozen, so I would be careful and wait until you find a proper cord. To help you out, the power adapter is 120v in and 9v out. The Model 2 Genesis and 32x use a smaller yellow tipped cord. The Model 1 Genesis and both CD units use a larger black tipped cord.
  6. Hello, My girlfriend got me a Sega CD model 1, it came with a Model 1 genesis (with the HD graphics text). The problem is that I don't have a power cord for both units. I have a power adapter for the Genesis, just not the CD. What are some alternatives? I know the NES adapter will not work due to the fact the NES power adapter does not covert the electricity from AC to DC like the Genesis power adapter. I hear the Atari Flashback 2 power adapter should work, but I am unsure and dont want to risk killing a model 1 CD. G2
  7. Just what I have for trade, I have to go through everything. I also have a shitton of DVDs I am trying to get rid of, but those are strictly for sale.
  8. Ok, here is a list of things I am looking for, at the end I'll have the items I have for trade. I am looking for a VIC-20/Commodore 64 video cable A Vic20 Datasette Assorted Vic-20 carts and tapes and Eternal Sonata for PS3 I am also looking for assorted SNES games. You see, I got a SNES for my girlfriend for Christmas. I cleaned it up and repainted it, now it needs games. Looking for a good assortment of titles, but the ones I am mainly looking for are -Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past -Street Fighter 2 -Mega Man (Original and X series) -Final Fantasy series -Super Mario World 2 -Doom -Starfox -Donkey Kong Country -Castlevania IV -Dracula X Rondo of Blood They dont have to be in Box, and the Label can be damaged (I'll be putting them in Universal Game Boxes and making new labels). They just have to work. Now, for what I have for trade -Castlevania NES -Contra NES -Goldeneye M64 -Jet Force Gemini N64 (more coming)
  9. Generation Nex works with the Disk Drive I didn't see him use one in the video (but i had the volume down so perhaps he mentioned it), and when i had one, like other chip clones, it didn't even respond to the drive. Famicom carts worked fine all day long on Gen Nex machine though. The only successful clone that's worked with the disk drives, that i've owned, is a hardware Chinese clone. It plays everything right, plus it has a composite out, so i don't have to deal with an RF connection. I also have a Super 8 adaptor for the SNES, and it too doesn't work, plus it's 8-bit output is horrible. By far it's the worst i've seen on the clones i've had. It looks cool sitting on the SNES, but that's about it. I have been itching to get a GenNEX and a FDS just to try it out. If anything, I know where I can get a toploading NES.
  10. OK, if anyone has a spare composite connector or can make me one, how much for it, or is there something you'd want for it?
  11. The high and low, could that correspond to Luma and Chroma? If so, this gives me the option of making an S-video cable. The guy said on the website that when he hooked it up to pin 5, he got black and white, which would be luma.
  12. Hello, I have a vic-20 that I want to mess with, but I have no video cables for it. Upon looking for the cable, its expensive. What are some alternatives that are cheaper (like Commodore 64 cables, or Master System/Genesis Model 1 video cables), or how do I video mod it to use straight composite?
  13. If you are a halo fan, then the predecessor to Halo (Marathon) came out on Pippin. And there was a DBZ coloring game....thats about it. The AmigaCD is more worthwhile if you live in europe, all the best games came out for it there.
  14. That DVD actually played in theaters in Japan.
  15. You can get a hold of the previous final fantasies that were released on NES/Famicom, and SNES/SFC with thier proper titles and some improvements on playstation 1. With that being the case, start with 4, then do 6.
  16. Didnt they release Super Mario Bros 2j on the virtual console?
  17. [quote name=Sub(Function()' date='Mon Sep 27, 2010 5:01 PM' timestamp='1285621263' post='2103271] This is possible not going to help that much with the 2600. The architectures of the two systems are too different. So regular basic in the sense of 10 print"What?" 20 go to 10 will not work on 2600?
  18. [quote name=Sub(Function()' date='Mon Sep 27, 2010 1:59 PM' timestamp='1285610356' post='2103070] I think you normally need some sort of text editor, yes. there are plenty to out there, most of the free ones will do fine: sciedit ? notepad++ editpad lite notepad2 the list goes on and on (and every one has there favorite holy grail) I have had no experience with Freebasic, but this looks like a tool to write Windows apps. This is not what you wanted, correct? Regarding Batari basic, then you need to read the tutorial this should get you started. have fun I am using a BASIC guide I got with my Vic20 to try writing some simple programs.
  19. [quote name=Sub(Function()' date='Mon Sep 27, 2010 3:53 AM' timestamp='1285573993' post='2102797] Then look at using an virtual machine solution, virtual PC for windows 7 is free I think. You can run 32bit windows as a virtual machine, and then you have all the usual suspects available to you (batari basic, dasm assembler and stella emulator etc.) ok using virtual PC, I have FreeBasic and BATARI working, I dont know where to actually write the program because the cmd line boxes that pop up just repeat what ever I type. Cant I just make the program in notepad and then run Batari or Freebasic to compile it to a rom?
  20. heehee lol that and the episode about the lady with an apartment full of vintage toys are my favorite Seinfeld episodes. The other episode I'm talking about they show George Costanza playing an old electronic baseball handheld.They'd go over this lady's house ,get her drunk on boxed wine and then play with all her vintage toys LOL. What about the Diff'rent strokes episode "The Bicycle man (aka the pedophile episode)", you can spot an intellivision on the table, and a nondescript arcade cabinet in the background.
  21. [quote name=Sub(Function()' date='Mon Sep 27, 2010 2:22 AM' timestamp='1285568536' post='2102778] Actually, I thnk FreeBASIC would be better than QBASIC, because FreeBASIC is backwards-compatible with QBASIC (but not 100% so; you might need to adjust certain commands), and it also supports programming for Windows, plus it's free and is still maintained. Michael I cant get any of the software to run on windows 7 64bit. I'll try doing linux on my laptop and setting up on there. If you are going the linux route, I would suggest you try either ruby or python, both are scripting languages so you can get very quick feedback in your programming cycle. Both are free (usually come pre-installed on linux), both have LOTS of free tutorials on the net. There are also a lot of paid books available. The other useful feature is the skills you learn can still be used as they are both modern languages. Thinking about is even if you stay with windows x64, you could still give these languages a try I need a program that I can use to program Atari 2600 games, that works on windows 7 and on a 64bit architecture. My laptops hard drive is dead.
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