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  1. Actually, I thnk FreeBASIC would be better than QBASIC, because FreeBASIC is backwards-compatible with QBASIC (but not 100% so; you might need to adjust certain commands), and it also supports programming for Windows, plus it's free and is still maintained. Michael I cant get any of the software to run on windows 7 64bit. I'll try doing linux on my laptop and setting up on there.
  2. I tried using the Batari software, and it didn't work. Maybe I should have stated, I am running Windows 7 64 bit
  3. Now I kind of regret not haggling him, it was the first time seeing Super Mario RPG in the wild, and I haven't seen it since.
  4. But I don't know where to start, like what language to learn, what programs to use, etc. Can someone help me get started, and some tips?
  5. Thats crap, yard sales are supposed to be where you get stuff cheap. I had the same kind of occurance TWICE. I went to a yard sale that was selling records, and they wanted $20 for a copy of The Beatles white Album, and $30 for Metallica's "Ride the Lightning". I walked out on that one because they were selling collectors prices. I also went to another one, selling SNES games, they wanted $70 for Super Mario RPG, because thats how much it went for on Ebay. I walked out, and said "If you want it to go for ebay prices, then sell it on Ebay"
  6. Today I was watching Married with Children (magnificent seven), and I noticed something familiar in the background on Buds desk next to his TV, an Atari 5200. are there any other classic gaming references or nods you have noticed (Aside from Futurama)?
  7. This is just some pics of my collection, there is more but I cant be assed to get them out at the moment, maybe tomorrow or this weekend. My Vic 20 IN BOX With it I have a BASIC book, and Guide And these are the two games I have got with it. Omega Race and Adventure Land For a Dollar I got that, and....I didn't get a video cable. Here is my Atari 7800 which I got for $1 The joysticks are flashback joysticks, and I only have two Atari games....and they are both Frogger. Here are my two Coleco Vision Carts, Sitting on one of my SNES consoles Turbo by Sega and Donkey Kong by Nintendo I dont have a coleco Vision to test em though Here is my other SNES, sitting on my NES Here is a dreamcast, and a gamecube which is hiding in the corner Here are some of my NES carts And here are some more and here are the newest additions to my collection (I now have two contra carts, two Zelda 1 Gold carts, two Castlevania) Here are my N64 games Yes, I have Superman 64, but I make up for it by having two Goldeneye carts, as well as Kirby 64 Here are my loose Genesis Carts Many I intend to restore the labels on And here are the ones in cases That Desert Strike, its mint, still in plastic. Here are my SNES games Yes, thats Final Fantasy VI in the top row. and to those who care, here are my RCA videodiscs, a format that existed at the same time as the Atari 2600, and died at pretty much the same time. I have more, but its late and I cant be getting the rest out. I have some PS1 fats (a couple first run models) A Saturn A Nomad another Gamecube A PS1 slim A PS2 fat that works Some Saturn Games Some Odyssey 2 games (but no Odyssey 2) ALOT of PS2 games Some PS1 games (I keep them in a CD Sleave booklet because I got them out of storage recently and the cases crumbled in my hands.) Some Dreamcast titles (same situation as PS1 games) Some Gamecube games A few N64s
  8. Thats what happens after a video game movie comes out, they have seen the movie so the popularity and the demand of the game goes up.
  9. Ill Give you my BOXED XBOX that i have from Launch! And some of my games for the 360
  10. Couse the majority of the population of my area are Amish, they have no need for a $250 gas card. I have no pay pal acocunt, but how are raffles concidered illigal?
  11. Ok, i need your help Im selling Raffle Tickets I need to sell $40 worth. You can win a $250 gas card, which im sure some people here might need. They go for $1. What ill do is not send you the Ticket, but put your User name on it, incase its drawn. Ill have the ticket thats drawn addressed to me. if you win, ill send you a PM asking for your Address to send you the card. Do you want one? I believe the card is from a Shell station, or BP. Its for a Good Cause, for me to go on my Senior trip.
  12. I have never seen single discs, ill concider you shipping me the game, AtariJr.
  13. What Do i have to do to get some one to sell me a DISC 1 or the whole set of Final Fanatasy VII for Playstation. I have some games i could trade.
  14. The Whole set is fine, allthough i would just like disc 1
  15. I am searching for a Final Fantasy Disc 1, greatest hits version. Mine crapped out and refuses to play. Does anyone have one? G2 email me/MSN:[email protected] aim:Shenmue0 Thank you
  16. That dont matter now, i was able to trade it, for a GP2x.
  17. Hey, I can trade for a USED, but working PS2 fat model. *bump*
  18. The Lowest i shall go would be from $100-$150, that is if you dont want to trade.
  19. Lets get back on topic. Who is interested in my Ipod?
  20. Im not a Jaycee (Kind of the Nobles in the middle ages, anyone who isnt would be a peasent), so my opinion would not be heard.
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