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  1. Becouse some little kid told the bus driver (who is a bible beating catholic) that i was listening to Highway to hell. So now all electronic devices, that deal with MP3s are not allowed on the bus.
  2. No, mono crome like the origanol gameboy.
  3. *bump* Here is a list of things i trade for -Sony PSP (no games needed) -Gp2x -A homebuilt portable
  4. IM definatly going to sell my Ipod mini. I have no use for the device. I cant listen to it on the bus, nor in school. At home or with a friend, there is a CD player in reach. I want to sell it, or trade it off.
  5. If you want it, you can contact me on aim at the name "shenmue0", or on MSN with the address "[email protected]"
  6. Im seriously thinking of selling my ipod, or trading off for a Sony PSP. the thing is less than a year old, i have all the documentation, software, excetera. Basically its like you would get it at a store except its not sealed. IS anyone willing to deal with me? I may not sell it, if i dont get a provocative offer.
  7. wha wha what there is a indinna jones n64 game!?
  8. do you have an idea for what type of games you want. if any thing i sugest the Sonic Series
  9. Well i want replcement Sega Genesis 1 AC power Adapter here is the story I got my Sega Genesis (model 1) out nd i saw that some thing chewed the coard at one spot. what will you sell me one for?
  10. gamer2

    Despertly NEEDED

    Im looking for something a bit cheaper
  11. gamer2

    Despertly NEEDED

    hello i want a Laptop CD/DVD drive compatible with a compaq presario 900 laptop. i got one of these laptops but it ws used and without the drive im desperte gamer2 i dont care what type as long as it can burn CDs
  12. hello i am looking for a VHS or DVD of Detroit Rock City, i would prefer VHS but DVD is fine. ill pay $3 for a VHS and $7 for the DVD gamer2
  13. ok well name a price ill get you one in great condition
  14. but the offical controllers' sticks suck they wear out, i will sell him a 3rd party one, if he says the right price ill give him my Super Pad 64 plus
  15. i have tons of n64 controllers, name a price
  16. Every body is forgetting The Command and Conquer Series great RTS action NUKES NUKES!!!!
  17. I am Surprised that no body hasnt shot at him yet but i guess its for the best that he isnt killed, his familly may work harder than he does to get ALL GAMES BANNED
  18. I want Gears of War and PGR3 at this time and if it comes out for 360 Shenmue III i may keep my Shenmue II
  19. I have one controller and a few games I have one Xbox 9 games -Shenmue II -Silent Hill 2 -Silent Hill 4 -Oddworld Muches Odyssey -Splinter Cell -Fable -Evil Dead fist full of Boomstick -Halo -Breakdown one controller and it is a big birtha one DVD playback kit how much do you think it will go for it is not modded, smoke free home, lense cleaned after 30hr of play
  20. Its real Before Return of the Jedi came out it was suposed to be Revenge of ther Jedi then Geroge Lucas changed it saying "jedi dont take revenge"
  21. I am selling a NES shell that can have a lot of uses for a NES PC, to replace the shell to your NES, to use as a Tray to give drinks to guests at a party, etc im think $5 shipping what are my offers
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