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  1. yeah fair. I feel like I'm gonna have to install the switch to really force myself to do a side-by-side!
  2. Interesting. At 50hz on Tempest I've always seen framerates that seem low on screens like the game over screen. On 60hz I haven't seen any gameplay slowdown (so far)!
  3. Okay, cool; I don't have any of the games above I'll keep it in mind whenever I expand my collection. I'm hooked up via an OSSC, and the OSSC had a hard time locking onto the 50hz signal, which was my final prompt to get this done. Doom and Tempest 2000 already feel smoother. Syndicate and Theme Park always felt awkwardly slow, I'm looking forward to trying them out now, see if they feel smoother.
  4. Honest question: I've got a PAL Jaguar I bought in the UK years ago, which of course was set to 50hz. I finally decided it was time to look at modding it to 60hz, which I've always avoided because I didn't want to cut the case and add the switch most tutorials discuss. I didn't realise until now that the significant part of the mod is whether R140 bridges two points on the underside of the board, and the switch only acts to connect/disconnect those points. So I simply took R140 off the board, and now I have my 60hz Jaguar. Which leaves me with the question: are there good reasons to add the switch in the first place, good reasons to switch back to 50hz? Should I truly want to cut the case to install a switch? I like to keep as close to factory as possible.
  5. Oh wow, super cool. I definitely have some disks here that aren't in that archive; I've created an account and sent the PM over on atari-forum. Thank you!
  6. Hi! I have a kryoflux device that I use to archive my floppy collection (slowly but surely, but I'm getting there). I'm aware of greaseweazle, and I'm aware of some of the anti-sharing rhetoric from the SPS/kryoflux folks, and I'm doubly aware that people are still antsy about copy protection. But my problem is this: tonight I wanted to play Railroad Tycoon. My original copy, on my original hardware! My plan was to read a raw flux trace, archive my copy on my local NAS, then write a copy to a new floppy and play from there. Unfortunately, the kryoflux dtc tool gives me a "*H +<a number>" error on a few tracks. The manual says These sound innocuous enough but the game actually bombs out with three bombs when I try to play from my original disks, or the copies, or the image under emulation. To be sure this wasn't an OS conflict, I tried TOS 1.62, 2.06, and EmuTOS. Basically this is a roundabout way of getting to my question: I have flux-level copies of a lot of my disks, but I don't share them anywhere. I'd love a flux-level copy of this game that I own, manuals and everything. I could go find a .st image or something, but in many cases I can't just drop those onto a disk. Do folks share these sorts of images? Is there an archive of ST disks that I've just never found? I'm definitely not looking for a free-for-all here, I'd just love to preserve what I have.
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