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  1. Yeah that's what I figured. Unless you fully swap out the chipset and such like on a PC, the add on will always be bottlenecked by the base system. Evidently Panasonic sold the M2 hardware to Matsushita, and I once read a rumor that the Japanese businessman who made that deal for Matsushita was given an assignment in Alaska as punishment lol.
  2. They didn't end up using anything from the 3DO M2 version of this in the released version of D2 for the Dreamcast. Very interesting to see some of this finally uncovered. It seems as though despite the advertising campaign "Don't play a dodo", the 3DO M2 was never actually going to be an add on. Perhaps in the planning stages back in 93 til 94 or so. But it's always the standalone units that turn up, never anything that would've connected to the original 3DO. It was probably realized that the 3DO would have actually bottlenecked any add on just like the Genesis bottlenecked the Sega CD capabilities. Certainly one of the most interesting lost consoles there is, since it would've outperformed the N64 and PS1 at the time of release.
  3. I'd be interested in one of these, or possibly 2, depending on price. The joystick looks way better than the original joysticks, which have fairly jerky movement IMHO.
  4. I've been wanting a Vectrex lightpen game for a very long time. This is very exciting to say the least. Vectrex was basically the first touchscreen home device.
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