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  1. Thank you for your reply. What I would really like is to do is the following: 1 - Generate a 180K TI DS-SD disk image in a file, say EA-Disk.img 2 - Copy the file to the SD card in my PC 3 - Put the SD card into the FinalGROM99 and load it into the TI console 4 - Write the image onto the 3.5" floppy in the TI PEB This way I can replace all my distribution disks that are now gone and use all the programs that rely on having the disk available. Unfortunately all my work disks are probably toast and I'll need to regenerate any programs I wrote from the listings. As you suggest I guess I could do this with the HDXS but I thought that FG99 should be capable of doing it. The MiniMem cartridge has a small storage DSR built-in so it must be possible to do something similar with the FG99. Steve
  2. I'm new to the forum and I've recently dug out my old TI setup and just purchased a FinalGrom99. Unfortunately, although I have found most of my old cartridges and I have my PEB with 32K, RS232, and (original) DSK controller with dual 3.5" drives up and running, my old floppies seem to be missing - possibly repurposed for the PC back in the day. Is there a way to transfer files from the FinalGROM SD to the TI DSK? Either by file or disk image? It seems an obvious thing to do considering the space available on the SD, but after searching the web I haven't been able to find any software able to do it. Steve
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