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  1. It works! It's always something stupid.... I tested on Linux with v 5.1.1 and it worked fine. I noticed on that version the game options are chosen before launching the game. So I went back to defaults on the rPi, changed paddle1 specific axis to x-axis and y-axis to none. I realized didn't read the most important bit! : (*) Changes to properties require a ROM reload Quitting and going back in solved the problem. Thank you everyone for helping me troubleshoot this!
  2. Thanks for the replies. I read the whole manual and I did try the specific game option to change the axis but it isn't changing the behaviour any. I've tried with paddle0 and paddle1. I tried with each of the four paddle types in the dropdown (Paddles, Paddles_IAxDr, etc) I don't understand the global 'map' function; I can't see how to map an analog action. My version is downloaded from within the retropi front-end (regular Stella -- not the bundled stella-lr). It doesn't have a 'mouse' tab as I've seen in some screenshots. In order to use a spinner-mouse I'll need to fix it to one axis. Seems like that's what the 'specific axis' option is supposed to do, but it's just not working. I only have one mouse attached. Anybody else have this working?
  3. I'm putting together a spinner mounted on an upside-down mouse (pillow block bearings with a knob), as I've seen describe here in the hardware gallery. It works well except I have to mount the whole thing on the side of the mouse where there's not much room. Is it possible to change Stella to use the mouse x-axis instead of the y-axis for the paddle? That would make a more natural position for the knob. I'm using Stella 6.0.1 on raspberry pi with retropi. thanks in advance. -Doug
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