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  1. Hey Jeff - yes that's right - no sticking pages on the manuals I have tried. I suppose it's possible depending on the composition of the paper you're trying (or if it's coated with something it encountered over it's life that makes the pages stick) - but so far so good with any video game manual I've given it a go with.
  2. Hi all - hope this finds you well. This week I posted a video about how I flatten wrinkled video game manuals (Colecovision ones) - not too hard to do - hope it helps someone out.
  3. I posted a video on my channel about how I got the smoke smell out of old Colecovision manuals. Hope it helps someone out - let me know if you've got better methods....
  4. I made a video about how I take apart and clean my Sega Genesis controller.
  5. Came into some banged up Atari cartridges and decided to clean them up and give them new labels. This forum was a real source of information in helping me complete the project - I thought maybe I'd post here in case it helps someone out who wants to do the same.
  6. Hey there everyone. I've been lurking on this forum for a while - and thought I'd finally try to contribute something. This month I made a couple videos about my 8-bit gaming hobby - the most recent is about how I organized my consoles and cartridges using an Ikea shoe cabinet. Don't know if that helps anybody out who's looking to do something similar but just in case I thought I'd post it and see. Let me know if you have any questions - here or on Youtube - whatever works....
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