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  1. Hey @Draxxon - So psyched to be getting this back. I was playing Missile Command on my pc on my.ign.com with my son a little earlier, in anticipation of the Atari good times to come...thanks to your help!
  2. Really hoping to find a tech guy willing to help. Not sure if it's OK to offer a dollar amount on the forum, but PM to discuss if interested.
  3. Hey, Totally new to the forum...found this site from a youtube video. I just ordered a Flashback X Deluxe and would really like to add all the available games and that Star Wars theme to my FBX? There's no way I can do it myself...just not nearly computer literate enough. I live in the suburbs of Chicago and would gladly pay someone to help with this. If nobody near Chicago I'd ship it instead. I ordered this looking to play the games I grew up with, and then am seeing the additional stuff you can do and it looks awesome. Hope somebody out there will help...and like I said, definitely willing to pay for the help. TIA!!!
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