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  1. Lived in Nicholasville for 34 yrs. Then moved to NC to be close to family.
  2. Thanks for reply How do you get to Start, Select and Option in order to run game? I just recently started to use Altirra. Please excuse if this is covered elsewhere.
  3. This is directed to Altirra users who want to test games on their laptop or Pc. I have found 2 candidates. iCode Atari USB Adapter and 2600-daptor. Which do you prefer? If it it is the iCode, can the extra buttons on the box do the Start, Select and Option and Reset function? Thanks for looking.
  4. I think you are referring to the “screensaver” function. It’s not that.What I see is a gradual change from strong blue to weak blue then greenish tint and so on. This happens over 15 or 20 minutes and keeps going until it is grey. Kind of like a component is changing value as it heats up? Game play does not seem to be affected?
  5. There is a repeating pulse, but it is not uniform.I tested the button and it does not drop out. The interface is electronic, I did not know this before ordering.The way I found this was in Crystal Raider when you fly up you can’t. Update:there is a switch to fix that.There is no documentation with the stick. Thank you.
  6. Just got an ArcadeR from RetroRadionlcs. The fire button function is only momentary and does not sustain. Can that be fixed?
  7. 800XL came with Ingot supply, tested to 5V ok, but used Raspberry Pi Zero 2.5 amp instead(has 5.33 and 5.19V under load output) Connect to LCD monitor/Tv and SIO2SD. Unit boots to lothareks menu, but has loud noise that should not be there and video not clean. Open up and find OS rom not fully seated. Board is fully socketed.Remove C56(was installed, not shown on schematic from Sams)bridge L5. Video much better and noise gone.Test mode shows 48 blocks Ram(FRE(0)=37873.connect keyboard.Have stuck key.Type 4 with Mylar.Take apart and reduce spring tension on bad key. Unit seems to work OK except the blue screen turns to green shade when idle for a while. Does not seem to affect game play. Unit missing 800XL badge on top cover. 600XL also came with Ingot supply(tested to 5V),not used. Could not get output to show on LCD monitor/Tv set to ch 2or3. Decided to install UAV and Din5 to get composite video. Now have video and sound. Maybe Tv did not pickup Rf from Atari? Install 64K upgrade with 4464-10 chips and 3 wire. Test mode shows 40 blocks, not 48, but FRE(0)=37902. Unit works fine with games. What is causing blue to green change on the 800XL? Thanks for looking.
  8. The wire bridge is directly in the center of first image.I don’t know how to do a call-out, being a newly on the forum. The 600 is working well having just installed UAV and 64K upgrade with 4164 chips and 3 wire method. Thanks to members contributions on this forum, I found all required information. Rich
  9. Thank you Rybags The trace connected to GND does go to those POT’s Rich
  10. Did not find any break in traces.Here is rest of solderside.should I remove bridge?
  11. Found a wire bridge from ground to several “pokey” pins.Is this normal and if so what purpose?This is my first 600, so not familiar.
  12. Loderunner will keep you busy for a long time
  13. Did you look at rcgroups.com/aircraft electric general/batteries and chargers?
  14. I used the transformer from the ingot to build a spare supply.Had some NOS parts and got 5 volts at the output but under load it went to 2.6.Including hand drawn schematic.
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