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  1. I also dont have the software and i suck at programing
  2. I know they were not ported , and i know about the vector graphics, and i know about the 3d. But if they aren't real , do you know someone who knows how to make atari games. I don't have the requirements to do it. Im on a mac now. If you know anyone who will like to make those games. Plz give me their contacts. Thanks
  3. So i'm trying to download a bunch of arcade roms to my flashback 9 gold. I already have Donkey Kong Pac-Man Donkey Kong Jr Jungle King(or hunt) Space Invaders Asteroids Centipede Super Breakout Pong Burgertime Ms Pac-Man Galaxian Rally-X Xevious Dig Dug Jr. Pac-Man Double Dragon Popeye Rampage Defender Stargate (Defender II) Spy Hunter Gorf Gravitar Mario Bros. Moon Patrol Mouse Trap Mr.Do Pole Position Q*Bert Sinstar Sky Skipper Star Wars Tapper Time Pilot Lock N chase Tron Tron deadly discs Venture Venture 2 Zaxxon Marble Madness Amidar Berzerk Congo Bongo Crazy Climber Gyruss Frogger Joust Ikari Warriors Klax Millipede Missile Command Asteroids Deluxe Warlords Track and Field Tempest I want to have a Major Havoc Rom , a Bubble Bobble rom, Radar Scope rom, Karate Champ, and other arcade games. Thanks
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